5 Days Until Christmas @ HOME!!!! wahoo!!!
Brad finished his finals... thank goodness I feel like I haven't spent time with him in ages! My christmas shopping is complete and I am so ready to go to boise and home! I want to put a preview of my plans for nessa's baby shower! I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited...
The theme is "WILD about Chance"...
Colors: Yellow, Green, and Blue
Picture the pretzel chocolate dessert with hugs insted of regular kisses.... wild=zebra stripes! Just a preview... I've been planning for months... It better be the place you are on Dec. 29! I found my dream home... or what I want to do to be able to have my dream home... I wish that we could bring row houses found in boston, philidelphia and other old towns to utah and arizona... I want the three story walk up with a full wall of exposed brick on each floor. I want to renovate the kitchen and put in brazilian teak floors and take advantage of the architectural details that the early 1900's homes have. The really don't make homes like they used to. ah... to own a home... what a dream of mine. i watch house hunters like everyday and wonder what our first home will be like and where it will be! i wonder how i will decorate it and make it a home. i want it to feel elegant and homey at the same time. i want it to be eclectic and fun and have furniture that i have refurbished, curtains and decor that i have made. i want to gut the old thing and make it my own. we'll see what happens. but i seriously can't wait. and the sad thing is that i have to wait... for like AT LEAST 5 years. bleh... why can't we just instantly have like 20 grand for a down payment.. it would be much easier to buy a home! check out this blog... http://www.thestoriesofa2z.com/ and her home... she has a link on the right side all the way down: Tour my home and renovating my twin. AMAZING!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT.... arizona doesn't have this to offer... its too new here. :( so either a 3 story walk up like hers or...
a craftsman style bungalow... with built-ins galore!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE built-ins... I may have to move to California... hmmm.. is it worth it???

maybe... just maybe... well thats all i have folks... Merry Christmas!!!


So sometimes I randomly pull out this old tweety bird box from my closet. It is my most prized possesion. Why you may ask.... because it's where i keep my journals from my entire life.. I wish that I could put all of what i am feeling right now into this blog post, but it would probably take the ENTIRE night to do so. So i will do what i can beware my mind is going to wander and reminisce... AND GO!
I had the best high school experiences ever. PERIOD. i was involved in school had the BEST friends and liked the MOST boys i think anyone has ever liked... i crushed on guys like crazy... and i DO NOT REGRET IT!!! moving has made me realize just how much i love my home, my family and my friends. tonight this is focusing on my friends. i really have the funniest friends. Trista-hilarious because she's Miss America and proper-she keeps me in line
Vannessa- i have to admit i just like making her laugh cause it makes me laugh. but seriously she is hilarious too in her own special way-especially the way she says things and yeah you just have to know her....
Jessica-i wrote in my journal that she does a crazy spanking dance... ask her to do it for you... you might die.
Ashlee- even though i rarely talk to her she makes a lot of silly noises and faces and is very blonde....
anyways.... my junior year was the best ever. well maybe senior year its hard to tell. either way
in my box of reminiscing is a song i started writing.. oh boy.. before graduating... here we go
i wanted to write about friendship, but nothing comes to mind
except memories and laughter that are too great to fill these lines.
They're better left as thoughts than in a letter to say
how much i'll miss good times and crazy nights
even bad things too cause all of them brought us together
pink pythongs livin true!
of course recently there was spring break in st george
and further back our unforgettable summer with boys we now hate
we danced so many nights away
whether at homecoming, out on the streets
or del taco parking lots....
and thats all i have.... cause i quit hahha...
I don't even know where to begin. i'm stuck so i'm going to do this writing thing i used to do in english class. you pick a word and then let your mind do the rest... and go...
the word is...ok i've sat here for like 5 minutes and can't think of a word haha i'm so lame.
but it used to be my favorite thing to do.
moving on.
in high school i had a best friend named pasha.
she came to life and made my life complete.
she made vannessa pee her pants.
she basically was the life of the party.
the end.
some of the things i remember loving about being in high school. i could be the most random person and no one cared. it was the best thing ever. i got to know so many people
my friends were probably pretty embarassed of me. here are the reasons why...
i loved to pay in change haha
i was completely boy crazy and would point out cute ones wherever we went.
i always wanted to go and talk to the cute ones.
i had a new crush like every week/day.. maybe a few in the same day...
i would turn into pasha quite often
i didn't care what people thought about me
i did what i wanted i'm serious
i dance pretty crazy(imagine pasha saying that)
well i really need to go to bed... more reminiscing to come tomorrow. maybe...



HOME and FAMILY..So lately I've been a little down.. I'm finally admitting it. After our last visit specifically, I realized that I am missing out on all the things back home. Specifically.... Nessa's Prego Belly Growing and not being able to be there for her. Sean being a senior and not being able to go to all of his games and support him before he leaves on his mission in less than a year, and Jenna just growing up and being a good big sister. And finally my parents... just being around them makes me feel better. It always has. You were right... I shouldve taken advantage of sunday visits more often. I am who I am because of my family and I do miss them terribly. I need a visit! So come visit Brad and I ok! It's funny cause growing up I wanted nothing to do with my family. I think this really hurt Nessa and I feel horrible about not being a better sister! I always wanted to be going somewhere and doing something with my friends. Now it seems like the older I get the more I realize just how much I missed out on and how much my family really means to me. Now all I want to do is spend time with them! I love you family!!! CHRISTMAS...I'm so excited for it because.... we are flying to Boise on christmas day to visit Brad's family there and spend time with his parents. I love Boise... I don't know what it is about that place but it is so nice. I really wouldn't mind living there. I'm also excited because I love everything about christmas.... the music (NSYNC christmas cd all the time!!!), the decorations, the traditions, family and friends, and most importantly the focus on our savior Jesus Christ and his great example to us. This will be the first christmas eve that bradley and I have spent alone, but we can't wait to be with family on christmas day! My HUBBY...A couple of days ago I asked Bradley what he wanted for christmas and he said that he didn't really need anything and that we should just use all of the christmas money for me. I quote him... "because I've learned that I like to spend money on YOU rather than on MYSELF." How sweet is that??? I'm not really going to let him, but it just reminded me that he is the most unselfish, giving person I know. Because I am the most selfish person I know, we make a great team. He always goes above and beyond what I think would be enough "giving" as in tips and service and volunteering. I'm so grateful for his example! THE NUTCRACKER... I'm going for the first time this Saturday and I am sooooo excited! There is a really neat family in our ward here from wellsville (logan area) that has moved here for a year. I serve with Natalie(the mom/wife) in cubscouts.. when i can go.. and I would say we are getting to be good friends with both her and her husband Jed. Brad goes and eats senoran dogs with him every wednesday. But I am joining her and her 2 girls for the show and I can't wait!!!


What we've been up to...
1. When I got home from Utah.. i know 2 weeks ago... brad said he had a present hiding for me. I think this was because I left him a secret halloween card and a candy corn treat!.. my present wasn't even half as good as his.. But Under our pillows I found a pair of R&R black skinny jeans and the new Taylor Swift Cd. Bradley always is the best shopper for me because I honestly probably would have never bought these jeans... but I LOVE THEM!!! and as for the T Swift cd... I literally havent stopped listening to it. It's bad I am addicted. I love #4, 8, and 9. they are the best. Period.
2. Lots of baking. My bradley loves his treats which is not good for my flabbery tummy. But This week I made cookies out of apple cider filled with caramel. they are delicious. and super easy... Brad has eaten the majority of them.
3. Work, Work, and more Work. I'm sick of working its time to be done... bradley graduate already!!!
4. I bought new pillows for our couch. They are cute and GREEN. yay.. now my family room and dining area match! I realized I havent posted pictures of my apt on here.. that is going on my list.
5. I have worked out a lot this week and feel great! Brad has been a great help to me.. i think he wants my flabbery tummy gone too...bah...
6. We are going to plan to go to philadelphia to visit my grandparents while they are there and we can't wait! maybe we will end up finding a new secret national treasure... hmmm....
7. I made a cute thanksgiving decoration... looky!

My little brother plays in the state championship tomorrow!!!! I wish so badly that I could be there to see him play! I'm sad that I have missed his senior year. :( G-double O-D L-U-C-K SEANERS!!!!
dear Mr. Rappazzo aka Jonah. Sorry for not making strawberry&chocolate cupcakes for you and Mr. Terry to enjoy during FIFA. I will make it up to the both of you. Don't you fret! And I might let you post on our blog... if you are lucky.
If I don't post before Thanksgiving... Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Enjoy your turkey and family!!!


We just visited Utah.. For Jeff and Tara's Wedding. It was the busiest weekend ever but we definitely had fun. We flew in Wednesday night and immediately went to hang out with the old gang... lips, Tiff, Joey, Kandace, Mills, and Tara. It was really good to see everyone! Thursday was the wedding. It was beautiful! The most serious c eremony I have been to yet, but I learned so much. SO glad we were able to make it! Congrats Jeff and Tara!!
Elevator Ride! The Boys... We went to breakfast at Kneaders the next morning with hicks, Lips, Tiff and embree! Then went to the mall and to lunch with Darren. AT CAFE RIO!!! yaya!! Then had Family Pictures!
This might be my favorite of bradley and I... ITS CUTE!!!!
After family pics... we went to a Terry family party. i loved seeing the family. it's these little things that you miss. like the sunday dinners and little get togethers... oh well. after the family party we went back to Doug and Sue's to see Brad's sister Lisa and her boyfriend Gary. it was really good to see them!
then we went out to dinner with joey, kandace, lips, and tiff. and then we went to a halloween party and laughed at the older people... like my parents and their friends... who were dressed up and dancing. it was a sight! This is my dad... he had a wig on earlier than this... and won the costume contest! yay daddy!
Bradley left me to go back to Tucson the next morning and I stayed for Sean's game and my friend Jaimee's farewell. Saturday morning I went to Jenna's volleyball game. she seemed to have a lot of fun! and they won each match! GOOD JOB JENN!!
Sean won his game... i'm sad they wouldn't pass him the ball though!!!
After that I warmed up and went out to dinner with Trista and her new boyfriend... Ryan... I love him... he is so good for Trista!!! and sounds like matthew mcconaughey!!! bah... she better not lose this one! He paid for our dinner.. so nice we went to cheesecake factory and had a WONDERFUL evening. They are GOING to come and visit us.. or else...
SUNDAY-Jaimee's farewell. Nessa and I went to our old ward.. everyone is so grown up! ah... But it still felt like home I just can't explain it. The farewell was great and so was seeing everyone. I miss everyone so much! I know Jaimee will be a great missionary and have the time of her life serving the Lord in Ecuador. GOOD LUCK JAMES!!!
It was time to go home to my hubby. My mom cried as usual. it's sad..makes me cry too.. I have more to say, but I feel like this is the LONGEST post ever so I better go... until later...


oh halloween. the extent of my halloween decor..
BOO! BEWARE! Brad's friends like to come over and play fifa 2011.
They also like the cookies I make.
Do you think they come for fifa or cookies?
I would like to think cookies....

Brad and I carved our pumpkin tonight. Brad did all the dirty work of cleaning out the pumpkin and I carved it! I really wanted to do an owl and tried to find templates online.. but I ended up free handing it.. Yay an owl! I love owls... they are so cute!!!
This is us... last year. We were cute huh...

Yesterday I worked and when I came home I was not looking forward to doing laundry. I got the best surprise ever when I walked in the door. our apartment was spotless. and...


you see doing laundry is a big deal cause we don't have a washer/dryer in our apt. NOT fun. I will NEVER do it again. I miss the convenience of having them right in my closet. My husband is the greatest. PERIOD.



So I just read this amazing love story @ writingrainbows.blogspot.com I found this girls blog one day and I just love reading it!!! So go read her love story its sooooooooooo cute! Anyways after reading hers I decided I wanted to write MY Love story.... here we go..
The summer of my life was coming to a close, my friends had all moved away to college, and Trista and I were left alone. Trista, Vanny, Jessica, Ash, and I had spent like every night together that summer and I learned a lot and played hard! I don't think I would've been ready for what was soon coming if I hadn't have had the experiences I had over those short months of June, July, and August. I would say I had become this independent, confident, happy-go-lucky, 'I do what I want' type of girl and for the first time I was single... For the first time I knew exactly WHO I WAS. I loved life, I knew the gospel was true! and... I lived by the following quote...
"Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Take chances. Tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all of your cash. Fall in love. Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you. Sing out Loud. Laugh at a stupid joke. Cry. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Let someone know what they are missing. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Live Life. Kiss slowly, Play Hard, Forgive quickly, Take chances, Give everything, and most of all have no regrets! Life's too short to be anything but HAPPY!"
In high school everyone always said that I would be the first of my friends to get married... and what do you know... I was... Probably because I was always with a guy whether it was a good decision or not... I was really boy crazy... But the relationships and "dating" that I did have set up my life so perfectly. So let me take you back to 2007. To the beginning of my Love Story...
The night officially began @ a back to school dance @ UVSC... I love dancing and I don't care how stupid I look when I do so... just ask my friends... So I was surprised when guys wanted to dance with me especially on this occasion. However, One amazing looking guy happened to step into the maddness and ask me to dance. I am ashamed to say that I did walk away from him after a few seconds. :( He told me before I ran away, that if I saw him again we should hook up! haha I was into being a big flirt with the boys and playing them so I said yeah... ok......... and ran off.
As the dance went on I didn't run back into this amazing guy.. UNTIL Trista and I were leaving. I know that I looked horrible and he was all sweaty, but we exchanged numbers and names..oops i forgot his name! :) and about an hour later he texted me! My heart started pounding and I got SO nervous!!! I left my friends to join this mysterious man hoping that I wouldn't get kidnapped! I finally ended up at his friends apartment and we put on the movie Talledega Nights. I felt so COMFORTABLE with him. More comfortable than I had ever felt before in my life. We started talking and never stopped. I could talk to him forever and not get bored or tired of it. I felt like we had known each other forever. He asked me if I thought I would kiss him before I got there. I answered honestly.. YES.. (Like I said I was EXTREMLY confident).. and then... He kissed me. It was so simple. . The best part is that I broke a bet he had going with his friend's mom-to not kiss any girls. Apparently I was worth it to him.
Our first official date: was with a married couple. on a sunday.
going to see the Joseph Smith Movie.
I know what you're thinking. We were on the right path to a fast Mormon engagement.
That day I realized that I was beginning to fall deep into like with him. My dreams were truly coming true.
It all started when he opened the car door for me & held my hand in the car.
During the next couple weeks I learned a lot about my Bradley...
His favorite movie is Top Gun, He is hilarious, He's a gentleman, loves shopping with me, Sports are his passion... especially BYU at the time, he has an amazing family, He gets along with practically everyone. We officially became a couple at the Utah State Fair on September 6, 2007 when I sorta forced it on him...

After that things just took off!

My parents adored him along with the rest of my family. Which was a big deal! We spent everyday together and fell more in love everyday. Bradley first said the 'L' word to me in October of 2007 just a few weeks after we had become official.. a few weeks later we began slowly talking about marriage, and then one day in February or March he mentioned that maybe we should start looking at rings! It was one of the best days of my life! Would I really be marrying the man of my dreams and my best friend????
On April 5, 2008 Bradley set up a wonderful night. We went out to dinner with lots of friends and then went to my parents house to watch a "movie". I would soon find out that this movie was a fraud and a few minutes in a homemade video by Brad popped onto the screen. I will always have this with me!!! After the intro with the movie Bradley got down on one knee and pulled out my ring and a dozen roses!!
We began making wedding plans and set the date of July 31st 2008. We were married for time and all eternity and have lived happily ever after ever since! I know that bradley would do anything for me and I the same for him! I'm so glad that I met him! My life would be sooooo different if I hadn't and I love my life!


This week rushed on by... I picked up an extra shift.. yay... closer to 40 hours. I worked at the store I was originally supposed to work at, but after moving down here found out they had lied to me! It was fun though. I always like picking up shifts and meeting new people. Every pharmacy is so different! Last night Bradley and I went to Club Crawl-One street full of clubs and bars closes down and they set up lots of stages and have a different band playing at each one every hour starting at 8 and the last at 1. We were officially designated drivers... yes!-we got free coke haha Bradley's friends are slowly becomming my friends... I remember lots of occasions of them telling me they loved me, that I'm a good sport, that I am their favorite person ever... I think that it was the alcohol talking! But one kid that is in brad's class, but not particularly a "friend" who definitely had too much to drink, came and asked who I was and when I told him Brad's wife he whispered in my ear that I was really lucky and that brad is so sweet and sensitve about me. hahaha This happened just after him going up on stage and singing background to Garth Brooks-friends in low places when he wasn't supposed to! The night went on way into the morning and before we knew it there were 8 of us squished into our little malibu... and we didn't get home until about 4... ahhhh needless to say I was exhausted. I don't know how people party all the time like that.. My body could NOT handle it! I got a good nap in today thank goodness! We made delicious oreo cookies... it's probably the easiest and quickest treat ever.. Bradley loves them.. Only a week and a half until we get to go to utah to visit!!! yay!!! I have big plans haha its not the longest trip but I have a long to do list! I need more white downeast shirts....and we are going to the dentist... we haven't been able to get a new dentist here yet... plus our old one is amazing so why not!!! We have new nesters family home evening tomorrow. I love that our ward does this cause it's hard to do fhe for just the two of us... Hope the week went well for everyone and hope that this week will be great! Time for me to join Bradley in bed.. he's been there since 9... poor guy... he didn't get to nap like me!


Bradley's Wounds... Both arms looked like that.... basically a mummy...but only one leg received damage.......
He is finally healing! Now I just have to stop him from picking at his sick scabs every 5 minutes! He compares them to Beef Jerky... GROSS!!!
Brad&Me at the last U of A game..
It was sooooooo HOT!!!
This is John...
He goes to school w/ Brad...
This is what he does for Goldfish...
And @ every U of A game...
Because the girls here like to show A LOT of skin.. I need to go to sleep... Brad's been asleep for like 30 minutes... time to officially stop today.

Things on my mind...

...General Conference... I can't wait for the ensign to come out ...Blogging... I'm OBSESSED with crafty blogs right now.. some of my favorites... littlebirdiesecrets..homemadebyjill...latterdaychatter... and the website.. howdoesshe.com I want to be crafty. I strive to be like all of these women!!! Bradley said... one day you can be crafty because you will sit around at home all day... I CAN'T WAIT!!! A few projects I want to do... Make a quiet book... when i have kids.. Make a church ABC book.. as seen on latterdaychatter.. Revamp old furniture.. Make Nessa way cute stuff for baby chance... and everything else on all of those websites... ...NESSA'S Baby Shower in December!... I can't wait to host Nessa's shower... I am literally obsessed with it.. maybe too much according to brad. Bah I can't spoil anything on here but it is going to include lots of homemade things!-because its in December I have plenty of time! ...We are off to a birthday party... I need to post some recent pics! So I will do so later... because I will be blog stalking... :)


So the other day after Bradley went to the doctor for a sinus infection I got a call from him asking if I could come home to help him because he got in a wreck on the SCOOT SCOOT!!! A gazillion things popped into my head because I'm such a worry wort and I rushed home from work. When I got home the poor guy was just walking around not knowing what to do! I felt so bad for him! So we cleaned out the wounds on his palms, elbows, and his leg and tried to bandage him up as best as I could and I left to go back to work. I am so grateful that nothing worse happened to my Bradley! Here are the details of the wreck.. he was cruising along on a one lane road and suddenly without signaling the car infront of him decided to stop to turn left. So Bradley had to suddenly stop as well.. and when he did the scoot-scoot slid out from under him and went the other way. The scoot scoot, like Bradley came away with a few cosmetic scratches so it still runs.. yay... however while falling... brads new phone also got some scratches.... all over the screen.. bah.. but again it still works! Things could have been so much worse and we truly are blessed that things happened as they did! So I've decided a few things as of late.. 1. I need to listen to more music.. it makes me happy and I have failed to do so lately. 2. I really like to cook.. having a menu planned out makes it so much easier! 3. I can be really selfish...I think its cause I'm the oldest child... maybe not..It might just be how I am... but I could use some work! 4. President Monson's talk at the womens conference was directed towards me... I really can be a horrible person sometimes and I can easily judge people and hate them... No bueno... It needs to change!!!! 5. I started attending institute this week... bah I love feeling the spirit daily!.. and it makes me miss my days in high school... :( 6. I love the gospel and need to start living it better. According to the instute teacher this week I need to get my life in order! 7. I need to start appreciating my hubby more... He does a lot for me that I don't give him credit for! 8. I think that I have OCD about certain things.. but that might be normal right??? 9. I need to become a student at the U of A... seeing a DR. only costs 20 bucks... you think I'm kidding... I'm not... 10. I'm so excited for conference this weekend!!! Thats all!


Isn't he just the cutest????
He almost snuck out the door without a picture, but you know me.. I'm trying to document very well our little adventure here. I thought this was a must!
I began to really miss home when...
Bradley made new single law school friends...
Bradley studies for long hours in "the Cave"(our 2nd Bdrm)
I started work and am the low man on the totem pole... i used to be near the top... :(
I can't just hop in the car and drive to the parents house..
or cafe rio... I miss cafe rio...
I realized everyone who lives near my work practically lives in poverty and they don't have the best hygeine..
My mom told me she saw someone that looked like me and started crying...
We went to Mesa to the temple... and saw all the churches there and grass and pretty homes... and....
a HOBBY LOBBY!!! too bad its 90 minutes away... :(
Things I like....
Our scoot scoot... its fun to ride on the back..
Bradley plays games all the time with me now!!!! :)
I have started cooking... well ok just this past week.. but its a start!!!
I can go to the pool any time i want to.
I work next to a dollar store... so i buy my favorite...
The Tucson mall has this way awesome store that is color coded in jewelry and purses... so if i'm in the mood for PINK jewelry and a matching PINK purse I know exactly where to go... ITS AWESOME...



Well we have made our move and been here for almost a month... wow I suck at blogging... anyways... this is a picture of the beautiful desert sunset. GORGEOUS! We haven't done much of anything the past couple weeks because my job transfer didn't go through as planned, but I am now finally working at least a few days a week. We have spent A LOT of time together that's for sure. Lots of time at the pool and on our couch ha. We've gone to Phoenix a few times for baseball games and to the temple. It's so wierd not having 5 temples within 20 minutes. We definitely took them for granted. I decided that we will live in Mesa if we stay in Arizona. It was like Utah... churches... beautiful neighborhoods with grass.. ah heaven... anyways back to reality! We absolutely love our ward. Tons of young couples and a few men are in law school so Brad has enjoyed their advice. They sure have kept us busy though.. so far we have cleaned the church, I said the prayer in sacrament meeting, Brad spoke with a high councilman, and we got callings! Ha We are both going to be in scouts... I don't know how I feel about this one cause I know NOTHING about scouting so I hope I can help these boys! Anywho... We've loved it here so far and are all settled in!
Our 2nd Anniversary
July 31, 2010
So... I got home from work on Friday the 30th and Brad said to pack a bag D and we were off... There are lots and lots of resorts in Tucson... it's paradise... and he booked a night for us at the Omni Resort. WAY NICE!!! We arrived and went to hang out at the pool (we do lots of that these days). After ordering smoothies.. chocolate banana for me..mm.. and hangin out for a while we went back to the room to get ready for a fancy dinner at the steakhouse they have at the resort. BEST steaks we have EVER eaten. Bradley was embarassed to ask the server to take our picture and so he made sure she knew it was our anniversary so it didn't look as bad! After dinner we hung out again at the pool in the cabanas and started swimming again when it began to rain! yay!!! When we went back to our room someone had left us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne and a note to have a happy anniversary! How sweet!!! We love being treated so well! The next morning Brad had flowers delivered to the room he is such a sweetheart! I can't believe its already been 2 years! It's gone by so fast and I've loved every minute of it. I'm so excited for our next couple years here in Tucson!


We've Moved!

Well we finally made the long journey to tucson...and it was long...13 hours at least! But we are glad to be all moved in now. We definitely owe a lot to our families for all the help that they gave us we really couldn't have done it without them. It is so HOT and has been pretty humid since we got here. Our ward seems nice and we can't wait to start making friends. Our apartment is still in disarray but I will put pictures up when it looks all cute!


BeGiNiNg Of SUMMER!!!!

Bradley and I went camping over memorial weekend at Tanner's Flat. It was really nice and relaxing and we got a way good spot next to the river! The only downfall... it was freezing and there were still patches of snow! bah! My Mom, Dad, Sean, and Jenna came to visit for a minute!

Its also time for BEES games! We got our season pass again this year and we've gone to quite a few games already.. it's great...