First of all... Ever since bradley got home our lives have been absolutely crazy!!! bah. let me share...
  • The weekend before he got home-bradley went to denver for a job interview... the next day we went to kanab for nessa and shadoe's reception.
  • The next weekend we went to phoenix to clean out his apartment and move him out officially. and helped his friend darren move in.We stayed up way too late altogether this weekend... til 2 AM friday and saturday. we aren't young enough for that.
  • This past weekend we went to Utah for Nessa and shadoe's other reception. Yet again we stayed up until 2 AM friday and saturday. Did not help the fact we were tired already... Bradley went to the Bingham/Alta game and I went to Park City with the girls for Jill's bachelorette party. Thanks Jill for a fun night!
  • This next weekend Doug and Sue are coming to visit. We will be taking them to explore bisbee. I can't wait. I just want to shop in the little stores all day long!!!
  • The weekend after... we are going to LAS VEGAS!! 1. for an interview that brad has w/ a firm there. 2. bradley will be 27.. (almost 30.. how old) haha jk

hopefully after that craziness will end. probably not. but that's how our life goes. anywho...here are our pics from the two receptions!!

The Happy Family.

Bradley w/ Baby Chance.

The cutest baby EVER.

Not kidding.


We celebrated our 3rd anniversary here:

At the Ritz Carlton in Marana!

I can't believe we have been married for 3 years! It has flown right by. I love Brad more and more everyday. He does so much for me and i couldnt have a more perfect husband for me. He loves me unconditionally and has helped me through a lot this year. I love that our marriage is eternal. I couldn't picture living without him. He is soooo amazing!!! and I love him sooo much!

I got bradley some ray bans and swimsuit he's been wanting...

He had an edible arrangement delivered to the room and he got me a Burberry watch! I loved it!!!