Easter Fun!

Saturday night we decided to color easter eggs! It was a lot of fun and Brad got really into it... his eggs were definitely the best! This is what they ended up looking like....

They are so colorful and pretty! Our coloring kit came with a matching game too ha we played and Brad smoked me everytime... he got lucky a lot... DONT EVERY PLAY HIM IN MEMORY GAMES!!!! Nessa came and slept over which was fun i love having my siblings stay the night!

Sunday morning came and i made an easter egg hunt for Brad... It wasn't hard at all... there aren't really any good places to hide things in a little apartment... The only egg that stumped him was the one inside the lamp! ha.. I gave him a deep frier so that we can kill our arteries with fried goodness!!! And...he gave me a freaking cute swim suit!!! YAY for easter! Our pictures werent very good of me cause i was in the middle of doing my hair.. eh... next year i will have my hair done by the time Brad gets up!!!

At church we got to have a little easter party for our cute nursery children! We bought them all bunny ears and carrot bubble necklaces! It was soooooo freaking cute!!! They also got to find easter eggs in the toy room i think they loved it!


So a lot has happened since my last blog I'm a slacker... but mostly just busy with work and school eh!!!! We went to Vegas again in the middle of march for the MWC tourney... BYU lost... bummer... haha jk it really was sad cause Bradley was sad... We spent lots of time in the sun, LOTS AND LOTS of pina coladas-and suffered withdrawls afterwards, and did a ton of stuff! The guys wanted a night to themselves... :( jk Tiff and I went and saw Defending the Caveman which was really funny. We forget what its like to be single(or in our case, without our husbands) Lots of guys hit on us... maybe it was just vegas... OR MAYBE its cause we're still attractive... :) we like to believe it was the latter! The guys just gambled their life away and had all you can eat ribs... guess who won the contest??? MY HUBBY!!! two years in a row!!! We met up later and went on New York New York which was way fun! Next year we will be able to hit the clubs... too bad i'm still not old enough... I CAN'T WAIT!!! ha hmmm... what else has happened... We're almost done with this semester and are feeling the heat of school. Poor Bradley doesnt get much sleep, but i'm greatful for all that he does! We're planning on having a fun/serious summer... To celebrate one year... were going to some BRAVES games in Cali...and lots of other fun things including amusement parks, the beach, and of course shopping the first week of August! Then Brad will begin preparing for the LSAT!!! ah!!! This determines our whole lives!!! eek! We're still enjoying life... our favorite thing to do is to stay at home and watch movies... we've made a lot of purchases lately including: James Bond, Twilight, Bedtime Stories... and i want to buy seven pounds. If you haven't seen it you need to... it made me bawl.. :(