Brad loves Groupon.  I benefit a lot from this love of his.  We have been able to go out a lot lately because he stocked up on Groupons from the summer time! Yes. And lately, our weekends have consisted of football, football, food (brought to you by Groupon) and more football.  We have season tickets to the U of A games and that has been a lot of fun.  The past 2 weeks were interesting though.. two weeks ago it was 90 degrees we got bad sunburns, ate snowcones and escaped to the shade for all of half time.  This past Saturday, we froze... (maybe I just froze...) and drank hot cocoa.  Regardless... the games are always a lot of fun to go to especially since Arizona wins now... compared to the last two years. 

One of our Friday night Groupon escapades we went to Downtown Kitchen.  Its this "hip" place where all the liberal old people go. haha just kidding lots of young liberals go there too.  :) But its delicious! Anyways... we were sitting out on the patio and the table next to us was this older couple probably 60-65 ish.  As we finished our meal we somehow engaged in conversation... The man was/is a "coach" for Covey.  They began to give us life lessons on how to keep our young love burning throughout our lives.  He was really sweet he kept saying how your spouse is your JOY.  Don't just put your joy to the side to finish things that seem "important".  They are what is important.  Everything else can wait.  They proceeded to tell us how each year when they were younger up until a few years ago when she became semi-paralyzed from a stroke, they would take turns and suprise each other with an anniversary trip.  They would set a budget, plan it and then let the other spouse know what to pack only ONE HOUR before leaving.  Talk about excitement! I really like this idea. If only I could ever suprise Bradley... Anyways I thought they were really sweet... Brad thought the whole thing was super weird.  haha

We have also been frequenting the swap meets here in town. Brad recently found out that one of them sells papusas (El Salvador deliciousness) so we had to check it out.  Seriously if you have never had papusas... its time to try them.  SOOO good.  Try the ones with zuccini inside them.  Corn tortilla like pouches (much thicker, doughier and crispy at the same time) filled with Cheese and whatever else you want.  Come on now, what's better than a pouch filled with cheese??? Needless to say we will definitely be going back. Except, the swap meets kind of terrify me... I'm convinced that at one of them someone was selling my laptop.  Dang robbers. 

What else is new.. We love our little Rox.  That's for sure.  She's totally a daddy's girl though.  Brad always tells me that "She has chosen her parent".  Great.  She has the funniest personality and has a bedtime routine.  When she was little and couldn't jump on our bed, she had this little pink bear she would put in her mouth and then stand there until Brad picked her up (daddy's girl since the beginning).   Now, she jumps up... lays on Brad's chest for a while... moves and cuddles between the two of us and then goes and sleeps between his feet.  Every morning she wakes him up by jumping on his chest and staring at him.  (yes we let our dog sleep with us... don't worry Brad bathes her once a week... she is very very clean). 

I've probably bored you to death... if anyone still reads this thing anyways! Better get to sleep now... too much to do tomorrow.. oh joy!