Wonderful Night

Tonight Brad and I were able to go out to dinner with my G&G Larson. I am seriously so happy for the times that we are able to spend with them. Last summer I gave them both a journal/personal history book full of questions to answer about their lives and I'm happy to report that they both have completed their personal histories. I am so grateful to have these histories. They are fun to read and so interesting and I have learned so much about them. It's also great because they were able to share funny stories about my dad and siblings. I can't believe how much of my grandpa I see in my dad and sean. I love my family so much!!! AHH!! I only regret not being able to have my Grandma Belliston (my mom's mom) complete a journal... but then again I was in high school I guess I didn't know any better. I have gotten some background on my Grandpa Belliston, but definitely need to talk to him more! I am so grateful that Brad and I can share the experience that we have of getting to know them and their pasts before we move. I will miss my family here the most. Here are some random pictures I have from my high school graduation cause they have my grandparents in them!Couple on far left-G&G Larson-then Aunt Lyn and Uncle Jim, Aunt Wendy, Cousin Collin, Jenna, and G Belliston.


Joey and Kandace's Wedding

I just LOVE weddings!! Everyone is always so happy and in love! haha Joey and Kandace had a beautiful ceremony it made me cry! I think I have cried at each ceremony We have gone to... i'm such a bawl baby! Their reception was gorgeous and fun.. mmm... they had delicious crepes! And of course we got both cars with fun decorations!!! :) great day!


LONG WEEK...finally over..

This week I spent 60 hours of my life standing on my feet in the wonderful business called wal-mart pharmacy... The more time I spend at work the more upset I get with people... seriously i need to get a new job without so many stupid people running around everywhere... here are a few things i witnessed and vow to NEVER do in my life... 1. Put my children on leashes... i don't care what you have to do as far as strapping the kid in the cart but do it just don't put them on a leash!!! 2. If you do put children on leashes... Don't allow your other children to hold the end of the leash therefore giving the child on the leash whiplash everytime they try to run somewhere.. seriously grow up and learn to have control over your children... you think its bad now??? wait until they have their own freaking car... grrrr.. no wonder people are getting more and more stupid... 3. If your child is screaming/crying/having a panic attack in your local grocery store... seriously get them to shut it or get out of the store... there was this kid screaming bloody murder for no joke 20 minutes it was freaking ridiculous and gave me a headache not to mention everyone else in the store. Come on people... I'M WORKING HERE!!!! 4.GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONES!!! seriously it is so rude and makes more more angry everytime I go to help someone and apparently my time isn't as valuable to them as their conversation is... have some RESPECT... I'm trying to give you the right prescription which i would say is pretty important and you can't shut the phone... eh... 5.I'm all for helping people when they need help, but it really bothers me to see people really abusing the medicaid system.. seriously... I know this is harsh but if you get your nails done every week, buy brand name of EVERYTHING, and buy like 5 12 packs of soda everytime you come to get your prescription.... you really need a change of lifestyle... NOT help from the rest of the tax paying people who live check to check. grrr... those are just my two cents about what i see at my job... i think i might start doing this weekly... helps me to vent!!! haha Anyways.. This week should be fun we are having the girls and one boy in our class over for a pizza and movie party for memorizing the articles of faith... at least the first 4... it has sure been a challenge every week... but at least we got four out of some of them! 3 of the girls are like almost finished memorizing them.. they are so smart!!! We love our primary class i will be sooooo sad when we move and have to leave them! Even though they like Brad a heck of a lot more than they like me... Also our friends kandace and joey are getting married! yay! I love going to weddings!!! I have three more to go to this year! I'm so excited! Hope all is well... and you don't think i'm a meanie...


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AMERICAN BANG: WILD AND YOUNG I fell in love with a southern girl I gave her wings, but she don't wanna fly no more slow it down.. slow it down.. She wants a ring and she's slamming the door but baby don't cry whatcha in a hurry for slow it down.. slow it down we are wild and young we have just begun slow it down you move a little too fast gotta take a deep breathe and make it last these should be the best days of your life we are wild and young there's no reason to run we are wild and young her freefall came a little out of the blue what happened to the days of doin what we wanted to do slow it down you move a little too fast gotta take a deep breathe gotta make it last these should be the best days of your life ELI YOUNG BAND- GUINEVERE She's got a bumper like a billboard Covered in stickers of her favorite band she's got a handful of records she turns to when she needs to land she's a saturday night parade through the streets that all eyes some to see including me She carries memories around like souvenirs down in her pockets she should've let some go by now but can't seem to drop it says forgiveness ain't nothin but a lifeless tire on the shoulder of her soul that never rolls for as much as she stumbled she's running for as much as she runs she's still here always hoping to find something quicker than heaven to make the damage of her days disappear Just like Guinevere She don't hold on to nothin new for very long yeah she writes you in as just one more tale and then you're gone cause once she fell hard cause she dropped her guard and no one gets to stay its just too late for as much as she stumbled she's running for as much as she runs she's still here always hoping to find something quicker than heaven to make the damage of her days disappear. These songs just get me everytime i hear them! so go listen!!!


New Blog Look

So I haven't written in a long time cause I thought our blog was soooooo ugly! haha I know ridiculous... It's been almost a year wow... Brad graduated from BYU a couple weeks ago. He is loving not doing homework even though it won't last for much longer. We have decided to move to Tucson, Arizona for law school! YAY! It will be an amazing experience! I'm definitely not looking forward to packing up and moving though!
I'm still working at the pharmacy...yay... debating on going to pharmacy school. I am obsessed with scrapbooking, Brad gave me a special desk to scrapbook on for my bday.. I finally turned 21! yes that was in january.. :)
It seems like thes days everyone is either getting married or having babies! It's fun to see everyones lives growing and changing! I can't wait for our move to Arizona and the changes in our life that will happen from moving to a different culture. It will be nice to finally be settled for a little while. I especially can't wait for the good food! When we visited we had the BEST mexican food!!! mmmm... if anyone wants to come visit during the depressing winters in Utah you are more than welcome to! I'm glad to be back blogging... thanks julie and tiff for the help! I suck at computers!!!