ELDER Sean the Mon

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! today that is how Elder Sean Larson's email began.  Why??? Because some cute un-named girl sent him a letter.  Now I will keep the letters content private, but whoever you are... (since he wouldn't tell me who you are..) just know you made his day.  Don't worry... it was all kept confidential and out of the emails sent to the family! But today was a good day.  Every Monday since I am on the computer all day I try to watch for the second that I receive Sean's email.  And today it finally worked really well!!! As soon as I got his excited email I emailed him right back.  and to my surprise... He emailed me right back! Chatting through emails. IT WAS AWESOME.  I love that little brother of mine.  He is so funny and I miss his silliness and the way he can cheer you up instantly.  So here are the pictures he sent to us this week. The pictures aren't the greatest quality, but you can still kinda tell what's going on...

This is what he wrote me while we were "chatting"...

 Dion, I'm probably going to baptize 11 people this month. its so much fun here. we've had so many people coming to church its such a blessing. we have had 10 people in church 2 weeks in a row. that never happens! we found out how to get the couple divorced that I was telling you about and married to each other. They are gonna get baptized in a couple weeks when it all gets figured out.

This is what he had to say this week to the fam....

i dont really know what to say, but heres some pictures...
 welcome to mexico.....

tell doug and debbie thank you for the package. it was nice to have chocolates.
brad and diondra missed by a couple days. i wont get theres till next week when
the zone leaders go to cuernavaca.

this is my district at tarascos... the best restaurant in mexico.

 this is me and my comp, hes having another allergic reaction or

something again.

 we didnt what fruit this was.... so we picked it off the tree

and ate it. it didnt taste very good.


4 YeArS.

Four Years.  Where does four years of marriage put us? I feel like we are now officially in the ALMOST stage... we are both ALMOST done with school.  We are ALMOST able to buy a home.  We are ALMOST able to start paying off loans.. oh joy.. haha you get the picture.

Anyways, this is a few weeks late, but Brad and I have been married for 4 years now!!! Seriously??? We went out to celebrate the weekend before our anniversary because life is just a little crazy for us.  But we went to this delicious fancy schmancy place called Anthony's in the Catalinas (the Catalinas are the foothills.. I'm telling ya.. it was fancy..) It was amazing though.  I had this delicious pork stuffed with cheese and Brad had what they called a sunfish.  He's adventurous. I'm not.  During dinner we talked about what our absolute favorite THING we have done so far in our marriage was.  Now, I hate deciding on one thing.  Seriously, ONE thing in 4 years? Yeah right.  So we made a compromise and both decided that our anniversary trips have been our favorite things... So in honor of mine and Bradley's favorite trips... here are pictures from each year... boy have we changed and grown up!!!  I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else.  I love this man more than anything in the world and am so happy that he is my hubby forever!!! He truly is so amazing, funny, charming, loving, sweet, my best friend, my everything.  He is such a hardworker and is achieving the goals he set a long time ago in order to support our future family! I can't wait for what this next year will bring and the for the rest of eternity with my Bradley.  

Dating=We were SOOO little! 2007
Engaged 2008
Wedding Day!
Honeymoon in Hawaii 2008

First Anniversary Trip to Cali 2009
Cali Trip 2009

2nd Anniversary 2010-Omni Resort Tucson, AZ
3rd Anniversary 2011-Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Marana, AZ 
4th Anniversary Celebration - Anthony's in the Catalinas
(ignore the annoying glare on my glasses.. grrr.) 
Cruise 2012-"Anniversary Trip"