Wow its been a long time... I sure have been one busy girl.  Trying to be the homemaker, bread winner and student is still not fun.  I finally quit working Saturdays at Wal-Mart!!! Hallelujah.  Best day of my life.  That was about 2 months ago. What do I do with my Saturdays now? Well I am crafting it up with Meghan! YAY and contrary to what Bradley thought I would be doing every Saturday, I don't think I have taken one Saturday nap yet! I think we are finally settling into our home... although nothing hangs on the walls.. really wierd for me... but we sure do love it here.

Halloween crafting! Meghan and I wanted to do a halloween wreath... So we went to the dollar store (which has super cheap wreaths) bought a few and supplies.. I bought 1 boa, a crow and we shared a roll of ribbon, a package of halloween rings (bats, spiders, etc.) and a package of black cheese cloth.  I found us the B at Joann's for about $3 and the rest is history.  It was sooo easy, fun and CHEAP!!!

We went to Utah for my parents 50th birthday and my mom bought my sister and I some crafts to do from the Wood Connection - So we spent some time painting the Wicked while there.  The K is glittery.  I love glitter!!!

When we got back to Tucson, Meghan and I did a set of bats that I bought from the Wood Connection as well.  Seriously... Check that store out.  It's AWESOME!!!

Pic from Mom and Dad's 50th Birthday!
We also did family pictures.. Notice how my mom is holding a pair of Sean's shoes???
We've been having fun and working hard... Only a few short months and Bradley and I will both be done with school. (FOREVER??) I hope... What will it be like not to be a student? We shall find out, I'm thinking its going to be absolutely glorious.
In other news... A TEMPLE IN TUCSON??? YAHOO! I am so excited for that! What a great general conference it was! We shared our home with lots of people.  There are 4 missionaries serving in our ward and we had them all over Sunday morning.  We ate a delicious breakfast and thanks to one of the Elders, I made (that's right... from scratch) the most delicious CINNAMON SYRUP.  I am never buying syrup again.  The recipe was seriously...
1/2 C Sugar
1/2 C Brown Sugar
2 T Flour
1 C Water
1 t Vanilla 
1/2 t Cinnamon.
Boil. Simmer. Done.
How easy? and Healthy - ier ?? I think most things that you make homemade are healthier than the store bough equivilant, but that's just me.  But seriously you should try to make some cinnamon syrup.  We had a plethora of food... Breakfast casseroles, mini pancakes with cinnamon syrup (can't get enough) strawberries and powdered sugar, bacon and delicious pumpkin donuts that Meghan made.  I love breakfast.  It's the best.  and it's especially the best when general conference and cinnamon syrup are involved. :)  
If you want to check out what General Conference is all about, click here. You know you want to. 

Kellyn's Baby Shower

cowBOYD Baby Shower
This is just a little late... considering its October.. Oops... and The little Baby Boyd has arrived! He sure is a cutie! But I've posted pictures of the cowBOYD - emphasis on the BOYD... (that's what they named the little guy... get the cowBOYD now??) Anyways.. We found a lot of ideas on pinterest of course... and had such a blast!
Mommy to be! Now a Mommy! 


The party favors were peanut butter filled pretzels! MMM...

One of the games we played was to guess how many peanuts were in the jar...
I squeezed 407 in that baby! 
We also did a photobooth... how do you not have a photobooth at a party these days???
Prizes for the games we played!
The whole group.. almost.
The other game we played was Don't Say Cute Baby Boy.  Everyone got sheriff badge necklaces and lost it if they said any of those words.  The only word that hurt anyone was cute.  Next time we will leave it to that!