Wow a lot has gone on since easter!!! Brad and I have been enjoying summer and how amazing it is to not have school!!!! We bought a BBQer and Brad loves it... he makes the best food better than any resturaunt around! It's nice to eat gourmet dinners a few nights a week! For the 4th of July we went up to Island park with Brad's parents and their friends the Brownings. It was a nice relaxing weekend full of midnight canoe rides, crossword puzzels, the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD, and cabin naps! I've been scrapbooking a ton I think I'm obsessed! We're getting ready to move soon into a bigger apartment that cost a lot less! I'm really excited to save money! We've probably gone to 20+ Bees games! Tonight we went because it was 70's concession prices night plus weiner wednesday!!! Brad and I always go to town! It's nice to have a few date nights a week! We are growing closer and closer daily it definitely takes a year of marriage to get used to each other and find out what your relationship really means.