I know it's a bad pic... but it's SOOO cute!!!
Daddy and Roxy...
Halloween 2011
Party @ the Powell's Brad became a pumpkin head... Just so you know... our puppy is going to be a shark so we wanted to coordinate... Brad had stuff to be a surfer... I had stuff to be a pirate and wahla!
She's prego... I LOVED their costume!
The Girls... The boys...
We had lots of fun and great food!!!


Well I have been completely absent for a while... so much is going on and i have a tiny bit of an addiction to pintrest and that therefore takes up any free time that i have... believe me BRAD HATES PINTREST... with a PASSION!!! whats new... hmm well lately I have decided that when one door closes a window really is left open for you. 1.DOOR CLOSING: wanting a baby so badly probably isn't the best thing for us right now. So after brad and i discussed that issue... WINDOW OPENING:about a month later we were able to get Roxy... almost by chance. She is now my baby and I love her to death. I am learning that waking up at 6:30 or earlier is not my cup of tea and I have a lot to learn before we make any more additions to our family. Ever since we got her I have been at peace. General Conference added to that peace. I am truly happy and love life, unlike the Diondra we all knew from this time last year.. (not the best moments of my life). 2. DOOR CLOSING: Brad didn't get the job at the big law firm in Phoenix that practices exactly the type of law that he wants to. He was pretty bummed and so am I. Phoenix seems like a great fit for us. We still haven't heard from the Las Vegas firm he interviewed at, but as brad was hymn humming tonight... I'll go where you want me to go...(even if it means staying in Tucson) I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and even though we got this bad news.. WINDOW OPENING: even better news was given to us tonight. I'm not able to share that news right now, but as soon as i can I promise I will!!! (i'm not pregnant.. so keep guessing.) On a sad, but joyful note, a girl that I danced with on the Minerettes passed away this weekend. She was always so inspiring and smiling! She had cystic fibrosis and always had problems breathing, but despite that disease she worked just as hard if not harder than a lot of the girls on our dance team. She was 20. It breaks my heart and makes me so grateful to be healthy and to have healthy friends and family. I think we take that for granted way too much. So love your life and be grateful!!!! I'm so happy to know that she is in a better place breathing freely. I'm grateful to know that families are eternal and that we will be together with our loved ones again. It brings great peace. If you want to learn more about eternal families check out this site... http://mormon.org/plan-of-happiness/ Anyways... thought I'd do a quick update! Night!