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Dear friend,

We are excited to embark on the greatest adventure we may ever face. It's an adventure full of pure love, sacrifice and joy. It's an adventure that we cannot go on alone. We are excited and nervous and can't wait to meet you, and believe that we will become lifelong friends in no time.  

Our family consists of Brad (30), Diondra (26) and our pup, Roxy. We live in a cute 3 bedroom home in the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona. We are originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and enjoy our frequent trips home to visit family and friends.

We met in August 2007 while dancing the night away at a back to school dance at Utah Valley University. We were pretty much inseparable after that (to read our story click here). After deciding we could not spend life without each other, we were married on July 31, 2008. We moved to Tucson in 2010 for Brad to attend law school at the University of Arizona and have been here ever since.   

Life has been SO good to us in the six years we have been married. We both have an education, careers to support our lifestyle, and a deep love and understanding for each other and the importance of family. Brad is a hard worker and will be a wonderful supporter of our family so that I will be able to stay at home once a child joins our family.  

Our only real struggle and heartbreak in life is that we have not been able to have children. From the beginning of our infertility we have both felt that adoption was the way we would welcome children into our family. We completed the procedures with which we felt comfortable, but knew all along that Heavenly Father was directing us on a different path. Brad is adopted, so adoption has always been on our minds and has a permanent place in our hearts. It has been a great experience for both of us to connect with his birthmother and her family. We feel that they are an extension to the love and support we receive from our own families and have shown us just how wonderful adoption is for everyone involved. 

We live comfortably and have traveled and explored the world a little at a time. We can't wait to continue traveling with our children -- to create lasting family memories, introduce them to different cultures, and instill the same wanderlust for the world that we have. Whether it's a quick weekend trip or for a week-long vacation, our travels have taken us to places like Jamaica, Mexico, Georgia, Hawaii, California and Texas. Plans to visit Germany in the next few years are in the works and we are patiently waiting to schedule our next cruise!

One of our favorite parts of traveling is the food. We love trying new recipes and restaurants at home or away. We are excited to introduce our children to new and different types of food as they grow (hopefully that way they won't turn out to be a picky eater like me!) Tucson has a great food "culture" and we owe a major thanks to Groupon for allowing us to be foodies. Brad is always on the lookout for new places for us to try.  

Whether its a food truck round up, hole in the wall cafe or the newest spot downtown, we have probably been there and I probably ate the mac & cheese if it was on the menu. Brad's love for food has led to him being known as the garbage disposal at work. Fortunately, he has been blessed with the ability to eat a lot without gaining a pound.  

Brad is a sports guy, so we have season tickets to Arizona football and travel from time to time to see the Atlanta Braves baseball team play. Attending sporting events is something that we really enjoy  together and hope to carry on as a family tradition. This past summer, we ventured to Atlanta to see the Braves play a few games.  We explored the city during the day and caught a few baseball games. By a few I mean one every night for four straight nights! Each trip allows us to grow closer together and learn more about each other - especially while sitting at a baseball game for a few hours. 

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I serve in our church as an advisor for the young women (12-18 years) and as the camp director for summer camp. Going to girls camp is one of my favorite things and I enjoy planning (and decorating) activities and lessons for the girls to help grow their testimonies of the gospel, especially of Jesus Christ and his atonement. Brad served a two year mission in El Salvador from 2003-2005.  He is currently a ward missionary and helps the full-time missionaries when needed. He teaches an occasional lesson in Sunday school or primary and likes to tease the primary kids. One class still calls him Johnny and another continually asks him if he is still 11 years old.

At this time in your life we know that you have a very difficult decision to make. We can't fully comprehend what a sacrifice it is to place a child for adoption, but we do understand that a great sacrifice full of love is involved. We are ready to welcome, love and care for a child, ready to give them opportunities they may not have otherwise. We are praying that someone will entrust our family to nurture, love and raise the child they are placing and know that they will be in a wonderful home. We promise to provide a life full of adventures, love and happiness. We hope to provide them with the means to follow their dreams. We hope to teach them gratitude, patience, kindness and joy.

We wish you the best in your adventures, wherever they may lead you.

With love,
Brad & Diondra Terry 

A note about the puppy... 
Roxy is a maltese-poodle, which means she is hypo-allergenic and doesn't shed. She also happens to be the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She is very particular and won't lay down without a blanket or pillow underneath her . Brad is clearly Roxy's favorite parent - he is always singing songs to her, taking her on walks and giving her belly rubs. Kids love "playing" with her and she does her best to play along with them. Our nephews are constantly requesting to Face Time with Roxy and love taking her on walks when we visit. We know she will love having a sibling around to keep her busy and share human food with her. 

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