Tonight instead of unpacking... which I have a lot of unpacking to be doing... CAUSE I'M HOME!!! I am watching SYTCD and loving it... also i have bradleys old laptop. I am going through pictures I haven't seen in ages and didn't even remember!!! I thought oh my... I am starting to look old. Seriously... I used to have these like baby cheeks now i just look old. AHHH!!! Maybe that's why i don't look good without glasses anymore... hmm.. how to get baby cheek face back... it's a lost cause!
But i liked this picture in particular... because... It was the night I caught the bouquet at our friends Lacey and Jasons reception in october of 07. and my mother wanted a picture... brad was like are you kidding?? and I though we are totally getting married one day... and almost a year later we were!!! yay!!!
Oh how i miss this man... I miss his silly songs he sings to me.. how he is really really annoying in the morning... I miss his company more than anything!!!
In 2 and 1/2 weeks we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary! I cannot believe that we have been married for 3 years!



Well Bradley and I have had a good few weeks since the last time I blogged.. We went to Lake Powell and then I stayed in Phoenix for a few more days which meant we spent almost an entire week together which hasn't happened since before he moved! My parents and Jenna came to visit for Fathers day which was nice. I love seeing family. We've eaten at many new resturaunts... brad's new hobby is buying GROUPONS, DOUBLE DAILY DEALS, AND LIVING SOCIAL COUPONS. It's been fun cause we always have something to do! While I was in Phoenix Bradley bought me a groupon to a hair salon called the DRY BAR. It's a fancy schmancy place in scottsdale that only washes your hair.. with a nice massage i might add... then blow dry and do your hair... um.. can I just say i don't think my hair had ever looked so good... only wish I was skilled enough to do it myself! That night once brad got off work we went to a buffet at one of the indian casinos. This was the night that crazy dust storm hit phoenix.. it was sooo crazy to see! I miss seeing him everyday sooo much!!! So.. one thing thats been boggling around on my mind is food stamps and our country's welfare program. Just a fore warning.... These are simply my thoughts, I truly do not mean to offend anyone. In my adult life Brad and I have been extremely lucky as far as finances go. We haven't had to worry about whether we made rent and ate and paid the rest of our bills. My family wasn't wealthy growing up, I don't know if my parents ever had to use food stamps or not. I don't think that the welfare program is a bad thing, I just think it isn't restricted enough and is sooooo abused!!! So...Brad and I were making our last minute grocery stops late saturday night. The couple in front of us, of course had their 3 year old with them... I still don't understand that... On the grocery conveyer belt thingy were like 5 things of pringles and a bag of chocolates among other "non-healthy junk foods". They used food stamps. For me as a person who loves junk food, I still consider it to be a privelege. If I have extra money I spoil myself and get a treat. I don't waste my food money on junk. and this is where I believe our welfare system has failed our country. It doesn't not promote healthy lifestyles or budgeting whatsoever!!! And I don't see how people don't have a problem with this! I truly don't mind that my tax dollars go to feed the hungry, but I would really prefer if they didn't go to making people and their children fat which results in more health issues that my tax dollars go to again to pay for their medicaid. So... I really want to look more into our welfare program and where it went wrong. Why aren't all food stamps like wic??? Wic makes perfect sense to me. It promotes healthy living. Food stamps that people can buy soda, chips, candy and waste it on that does not!! Well those are my two cents... its time to try to sleep now... hope the doggy doesn't wake me up at 4:00 in the morning.