We've got our sunglasses on... constantly... ITS GETTING HOT!!!! Little Anthony's Wipe Out.
After a Tucson Torros game we went to dessert with John and Megan.
First of all.... Little Anthony's is this 1950's themed ice cream shop. It is so fun!
This was our second time going there and we loved it! We decided to all share the WipeOut.
The WipeOut consists of 14 scoops of ice cream, ONE can of whipped cream, lots of v
anilla wafers, and brownies.. They turn on the song Wipeout and deliver this giant bowl on a surf board that says wipeout... haha it was hilarious!!!! And SOOO delicious!!!
We have been loving our weekends together! The weeks fly by and the weekends don't last long enough. The bbq is so nice. I miss bradleys grilling sooo much and we need to move asap to a place that allows our grill!!!! We went to the king tut show... i guess you could call it. they have all the things that were in his tomb and the history of it. I love egyptian history. It is so interesting! We were asked to teach the temple prep class at church. I'm really excited! I think it will help us to get an even better understanding of the temple and its importance. This Sunday I am teaching the MiaMaids about part of the temple. I am so excited! I love the Young Women and I really wish I could be a leader! Last Friday I got to talk to them at girls camp about the importance of getting an education and how they can't just wait for their prince charming to come along. All of these assignments must mean something!!! So...before I got asked to talk to the YW about education I had been pretty content on never going back to school even though deep down inside I knew I needed to! Sooooo... after contemplating what I should go back to school for I have decided... dun dun dun... Paralegal! I really want an office job. I need a big change of scenery!!! I want to dress up and be a professional!!! and a perk is that i will know what the heck my husband is talking about all the time and even help him out once in a while when I become a stay at home mom. So I start my 2 year program in the fall and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to have social interactions.... fill my time with useful things and challenge my brain... it needs some challenging! Wish me luck!


Well tonight there was a Relief Society ice cream and family history social. I have to admit I love family history, but I only really like finding out how people lived, their life story, and what they thought about life. I think I've posted about this before, but I am so grateful for the treasures my grandparents gave to me that are their personal histories! Thanks grandma and grandpa Larson. They have always been such a great example to me and are amazing people. I have enjoyed reading their stories and thoughts and I will forever treasure them! They are serving their third mission for our church currently in Philadelphia the other missions they've been on have been to Cyprus and Italy. (for those of you who aren't LDS.. seniors who are retired often go on missions to work as missionaries,be mission presidents, or work in the office! They help keep all the 19-21 year old missionaries in line and help the missions run smoothly, send missionaries home and receive new ones.) I've enjoyed communicating with them through emails on their missions. I know that it has brought us so much closer together and has blessed our lives. I feel like I know them better than my other grandparents and am saddened I don't have the same opportunities with everyone. I'm also grateful for how they embraced and welcomed brad to our family with love. I love having enjoyed time with my grandparents together especially when we shared our engagement with them. I could see how proud of us and happy for us they were. I hope that I will be able to give my posterity as much information on my life as they have given me. I love you grandma and grandpa!