Well, it's official! After a month of being in Boise, ID....My little brother is now in Cuernavaca, Mexico! He looks so happy to finally be there! We can't wait for him to be able to teach the gospel and learn spanish! He's the giant.... (sorry sean :)


I find myself with absolutely no time. AT ALL. This whole working 50 hour weeks and going to school 3 nights is getting a little bit old... as well as never seeing Bradley.... That sucks big time! Even with how busy we are we have had a lot of things go on... 1. We bought a new car a cute 2010 Toyota Corolla Sport (we are super sporty :) 2. Bradley got about 10 interviews and about 6-8 offers for a job this summer! We were soooooo blessed! He got to choose the one he wanted the most and he chose to work for the National Law Center for Inter American Trade. "They develop the legal infrastructure to build trade capacity and promote economic development in the Americas." So... that includes North, Central, and South America and if he gets hired on after school he could potentially be traveling all over. I really hope that he enjoys the work that they do! 3. We sold our Malibu in an hour... sooo basically we posted it on craigslist and I got literally 50 calls (21 of which left voicemails) and an hour later we had cash in our pockets. Pretty crazy... We both can't wait for spring break we are going to take a day off of work and go up to Phoenix and go to the temple and a jazz/suns game!