Trevor. Hall.

So friends and family... Last week I found out my favorite singer probably of all time.. came to Tucson. I cannot tell you how happy no ELATED i was to find this out the night before his show. Needless to say... bradley had way too much to do for school.. and I'm pretty friendless still... no one like schnyde to do crazy things with me just yet... So i went ALONE and it's funny because in high school i would do this all the time. i enjoyed going to local bands all the time at kilby court and velour and that music shop they had in south towne mall for a bit that it really doesnt bother me. this was my first solo act married however so i did find it more difficult for pre-trevor music... but when that man came on stage nothing mattered ha. I. LOVE. HIM. so.. if you havent heard his music please check him out... http://youtu.be/kgtYi_nS1aM ... or this one... good rain http://youtu.be/Yu9ljovg61c whenever i go to his concerts i feel so good! his music is so refreshing and new and just seriously puts me in the best mood. that good rain is just like the primary song love one another.. and totally applies to my life right now. ah love it... good night all
Since my puppy won't cooperate... this is exactly what she looks like... minus the bow.. but i will get on that. don't worry! Sooo...
MEET our precious ROXY!
she is the newest edition to the Terry family. We LOVE her. She is sooo playful and just the cutest thing in the entire world! Tonight Bradley taught her to play catch.. she struggles to let go of the ball, but absolutely loves chasing after it. SO cute. The only problem we've had is sleeping at night. She wants to get in bed with us and that is not gonna happen. So we got her a doggy bed... the first night we locked her in our room and the entire night she walked around trying to figure out how to get on the bed. Night #2 we bought her a kennel. put her inside. whining. whining and more whining. ahhh... so i put her kennel on the bed. no whining. good thing we have a huge bed. she will need to learn that its ok if she can't see us! and will sleep on the floor soon. very soon. For now she follows us around everywhere and loves to just lay next to us. Brad says during the day while he studies she just sleeps next to him for hours. She loves playing with her daddy! (brad's gonna kill me if he reads that... don't tell him anyone!) She is the cutest, sweetest, most chill dog ever and we love her. She is our baby. thank goodness maybe this will put off my wanting of a baby for a while longer cause she sure is a lot of work. She will be traveling with us for thanksgiving and can't wait for everyone to meet her!


Happy Birthday and Good luck tomorrow, Bradley! Well... brad is in Vegas right now for one of the job interviews that has been set up. Pray for him that he will get the job then we could live 6 hours from home and anyone could come to vegas and stay with us!!! yay!!! We really wouldn't mind living in Vegas.. especially because this firm has many lds attorneys.. I love the idea of a work atmosphere where everyone shares the same values, especially in a place like vegas.. we all know how corrupt that city is. I fly out bright and early tomorrow to spend the weekend there with him! I can't wait... hopefully he will enjoy the weekend and have some fun for his birthday! So happy 27th Birthday to my love! I am so grateful to have you in my life. I am grateful for the amazing man that you are. You set high goals and achieve them and you work hard to be able to support our family. You have the most amazing personality and can get along with basically anyone. You are smart, handsome, charming and everything I could have ever asked for in a man. I love you!


Can I tell you why I love this guy so much??
It's his birfday this week, he will be 27!! ah!!
He keeps my life so exciting and fun.
He always has the best ideas and treats me like a queen.
So this week I will blog about him!
These are some of my favorite Bradley pics...
can't you just feel the wonderful personality he has radiating
out of your computer screen??
(on Friday) :)
Photo's of our trip with Doug and Sue to Tombstone
We had such a good time this labor day weekend with them and were so grateful that they could spend so much time with us!