A month???

Are you kidding me?? its been a month since i've posted... oops... its cause everytime i get on here to blog i end up looking at everyone else's blogs. well i have a lot of ground to cover... maybe.. First of all... this semester has sucked! brad has had project after project after project... doesn't leave much time for fun! but... over spring break we were able to sneak in some friend/family time in vegas! yay!!! Here are pics from our annual trip to vegas to watch those cougs... I heart jimmer... A LOT... i'm super bummed they just lost... I seriously watch everything that has to do with jimmer... interviews.. songs (teach me how to jimmer... love it).. especially espn.. so you can imagine how excited i was to be in vegas watching him... however... biggest bummer of the trip (there's always one big one that bites you).. Brad and i went to the first game on thursday... jimmer scored 30+.. it was great..we wait for our friends from the UT to get there to buy tickets and guess what... they sold out... are you kidding me??? so therefore my jimmer craze/love had to be satisfied from a tv..well lots of them in a bar on the strip full of
byu/new mexico fans on the night that jimmer had his record scoring game of 52 points.
i almost cried.
needless to say... i hate all those bandwagon byu fans who have never gone to vegas for the mountain west tourney until this year... ps we've been for the past 4 years-true fans... TRUE BLUE fans!!! now onto some pics!