The Story of Us..
(Diondra's version)

Our story officially began at a back to school dance at UVU (then UVSC). I love dancing and I don't care how stupid I look when I do so (just ask my friends.) So I was surprised when guys wanted to dance with me especially on this occasion. However, one handsome guy happened to step into the madness and ask me to dance. Although, I am ashamed to say that I did walk away from him after a few seconds. :( He told me before I ran away, that if I saw him again we should hook up! I just laughed it off and said yeah... okay! and left. 

As the dance went on I didn't run back into this guy until I was leaving. I know that I looked horrible and he was all sweaty, but we exchanged numbers and I thought I would probably never see him again. But, about an hour later he sent me a text wanting to hang out. My heart started pounding and I got SO nervous!!! I left my friends to join this mysterious man hoping that I wouldn't get kidnapped. I finally ended up at his friends apartment and we put on the movie Talledega Nights. I felt so COMFORTABLE with him. More comfortable than I had ever felt before in my life. We started talking and never stopped. I could talk to him forever and not get bored or tired of it. I felt like we had known each other forever. 
Our first official date was with a married couple.
On a Sunday.
To see the Joseph Smith Movie at Temple Square.
I know what you're thinking. We were on the right path to a fast Mormon engagement.
That day I realized that I was beginning to fall deep into like with Bradley.
It all started when he opened the car door for me & held my hand in the car.

During the next couple weeks I learned a lot about my Bradley...
His favorite movie is Top Gun, he is hilarious, he's a gentleman, loves shopping with me, sports are his passion... especially BYU at the time, he has an amazing family, he gets along with everyone.

It became official at the Utah State Fair on September 6, 2007 when I sorta forced it on him by telling someone we met that I was his girlfriend.

After that things just took off!
My parents adored him along with the rest of my family. Which was a big deal! We spent everyday together and fell more in love everyday. Bradley first said the 'L' word to me in October of 2007. A few weeks later we began slowly talking about marriage, and then one day in March he mentioned that maybe we should start looking at rings!

On April 5, 2008 we went out to dinner with lots of friends and then went to my parents house to watch a "movie". I would soon find out that this movie was a fraud and a few minutes in a homemade video by Brad popped onto the screen.  After the onscreen Bradley said a few words, real life Bradley got down on one knee with my ring and a dozen roses!!
And...I said YES!

We began making wedding plans and set the date of July 31, 2008.
We were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.
Our honeymoon was spent over a week or so in Kona, Hawaii. I learned that Brad could go snorkeling 24/7 and that we would have a lot of fun exploring each destination spot we would ever go to.  The best part of our trip was learning from the locals where to swim with dolphins in the wild. That was seriously one of the coolest things we have ever done!

The first two years of marriage were full of school and work and more school and more work.  We were both enrolled in school full time and worked full time.  I was a pharmacy technician, with aspirations to be a pharmacist and Bradley made the potato chips look nice and neat in the grocery stores in Utah County, while attending business school at BYU. This time was spent learning who we were as a couple, who we wanted to be and where we wanted life to take us.  We frequented Nickelcade, worked out at the gym together and took as many weekend getaways as we could.

Enjoying the California beaches for our 1st anniversary
 In 2010 Bradley was accepted into the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.  We packed up our things and moved to Tucson, Arizona.  We learned many lessons during those years of law school, especially that we needed to rely on each other. We learned to spend time apart and in turn to treasure our time together.  Law prom was one of my favorite things about law school...

Our puppy Roxy joined us in 2011, making us a family of three.
She provides quite the entertainment for us.


In 2013 Brad graduated from law school and I graduated from a paralegal program. Brad works at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and I work for a research and development company. We make sure to use up our vacation time though!

We went on a cruise in 2012 to California and one in 2014 to the western Caribbean and are hooked.  Our most recent cruise included a stop to Jamaica.  We absolutely loved it.  We found out about a place called Blue Hole from a local and had to see what it was all about.  It was secluded with very few tourists - which is always the best! We jumped off a series of cliffs, climbed through a waterfall and tried the rope swing into this amazing fresh water.  Brad is on the right pulling a move for the camera and I'm on the left jumping off the waterfall!

Arizona has become our home, but we still visit our original home (Utah) every few months.  In our free time we love watching Suits, New Girl, Nashville, HGTV or ESPN.  Brad loves reading and learning about early american history and has quite the collection of books.  I love crafting and decorating our home.  I recently started making my own jewelry and plan to open up an Etsy shop to sell it.  We both love music - some of our favorites include Trevor Hall, O.A.R., Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and of course, Taylor Swift. Brad was never a fan of country music, but I'm slowly introducing it to him.  This summer he took me to see Dierks Bentley and Blake Shelton in concert and I think he enjoyed it!

We enjoy basically doing anything, as long as it's together.  We know life is going to change for us once we have a child, but we are definitely ready for that next step in our lives!