This weekend was a busy, busy weekend for us!!
Friday night we went to see the AAA team here play the BEES!!! I LOVED going to the bees games every summer so I really am going to miss that time that brad and I got to spend together this summer. :(
Saturday we drove to Phoenix for lots of different things...
1. Find an apt for Brad.
2. See Darren (visiting a school for an interview)
3. Go to the Easter Pageant @ the mesa temple
4. Go shopping... Nordstrom Rack had some deals...
5. Just to be in phoenix...
We weren't able to find an apt for brad... but are still hopeful something will come up!
I love seeing people from home, it doesn't seem so far away. So seeing Darren was lots of fun and I know Brad really enjoyed it! We drove around phoenix, got a bite to eat and went shopping at the chandler mall. While at the mall we ran into kellyn (her and her hubby are our newest friends from the ward). we all wanted to go to the pageant next weekend, but it wasn't going to work out...so instead we made plans to meet up that night! I was so excited they were going to come with us!The Easter Pageant was in spanish so the few of us that didn't speak spanish had to use translators... haha
I absolutely loved the show. I am so grateful for Christ and for the examples and sacrifices that he made for me. I want to make going to the pageant a tradition since it is so close to us! It was fun to get treats and just relax in the wonderful weather!!!
After the show we went to the MOST amazing mini golf course ever.
It was a place called castles and coasters in Glendale. They had 4-18 hole courses in one place. And it was a challenge.oh P.S. I got a hole in one... the only hole in one thankyou very much!
We had such a great time and were so glad to see Darren!
Here are pics from the night!
Brad hates getting cheesy pics taken...
but can i just tell you how much i love them????
Chris, Boyd, Kellyn, Me, Brad, and Darren
I think I have like 10 pics of brad and darren in this pose...
for some reason they love it... :)


This is our cactus (agave plant)
Isn't it cute???
and GLOWY!!??
Thats what I love the most!


And it was a craft day..

Today my apartment looks like this...
it always makes brad smile
and my back ache...
The reason it looks so messy(which I don't want to clean up) is because I made this...
in both a girl and boy version... ugh
and i want to add more pages..
any suggestions let me know!
From the blog madebyheidi.blogspot.com
SHH! its a quiet book!
~Whats the season?~
~build a house~ ~mail a letter~
~fly a kite~
~Scoop up icecream~
~make a cake~

Tic Tac Toe


Law Prom...

University of Arizona Law Gala
April 1, 2011
I was so excited for this event... And I can't wait to go the next couple of years...
And I hope we will be able to attend more when my hubby is a big time lawyer!
The gala was held at La Paloma Resort.
We had a blast!
Dinner was delicous... dessert was even more delicious!
ANDD>>> we won a raffle! yay!
25 bucks to red robin... even though we didn't get the scrapbook basket i wanted..
at least we got money back!
I felt very glamorous.. like I did in high school going to prom!
It was a great night... and a much needed one at that!

When Doug and Sue visit....

Spring Training-white sox vs giants
The Sonoran Desert Museum!

my little turtle... how cute!

Desert bats...
We enjoyed spending time with them! We took them to all the best restraunts in Tucson and had a lot of fun! Sue bought us a really nice planter and we got a cactus which I need to take a picture of! its so pretty! Thanks for coming to visit! We really loved it!