This Memorial day we ventured out to Bisbee, AZ. It was the cutest little place! I want to stay there for a weekend sometime... It began as a mining town way way back in the day. It's full of bed and breakfasts, antique shops, art galleries, and of course a mine! The town is built in a crevice of a mountain basically and there are stairs going all the way up the hills. I could explore for a really really long time. We ate at a cute place called the bisbee breakfast club and I bought a golden owl with glass eyes from the 60's... my plan is to do an owl nursery one day... hopefully i still like owls a ton at that point.... I'm probably gonna spray paint this one blue/pink... Its gonna be cute.... anyways here are some pics!
Brad's Grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago i have yet to post about this. It was definitely better that he passed on. And i know that he died of a broken heart. He died exactly a year after his sweethearts funeral. They had been together since high school and to me that is true love. I'm greatful to know that they are together again forever. so here are a couple of pics from that.
How classy do they look??? I love this picture!

Being alone is still just as hard, but it's getting easier. The weeks go by fast simply because I look forward to seeing him so much!!! I'm house sitting now and I love this doggy that i'm watching her name is Zia and she is a big dog with lots of love! It's great to have a bbq, pool and hot tub... and most importantly... a WASHER AND DRYER!!!! how am i ever going to go back to our apartment??? just kidding I really miss our little home.. I miss my things that make it my own. Anyways... thats all for tonight!


I feel as if I am living a double life. ha During the week-I keep thinking Bradley will be sitting at the desk studying when I get home or lounging around on the couch watching tv or checking on his fantasy baseball team. it's like a part of me is dead during the week. ugh. BUT! It makes the weekend even more worth it! You take for granted all the little things that your spouse does for you. You literally enjoy every moment together. I cry every night still-think i will this whole summer, but i have been able to sleep pretty well. On the Weekend-I have a husband! yay! haha this weekend we were able to spend almost 3 days together just enjoying life. One thing about being in phoenix is that we don't really have errands to run like we would at home.... so we get to relax and do whatever we want. We attended the temple, shopped around-bradley got his first pair of 7's... i was so proud of him and they look very very good on him! We explored phoenix and ate at a delicious little pizza place. mmm.. It was so nice just to be with brad i really could have sat there all day and be fine with it. He doesn't have internet or tv so there werent any distractions like there are at home. It was very nice. I know he misses it a lot though! I sure love my bradley and miss him like crazy.... SOOO... this week I start house sitting... anyone wanna come visit me???? I'll have a pool... and a hot tub... and a WAY cool house! come on you know you wanna!!!! On another note... I've decided to make a taggie blanket for a friend... i've actually bought the supplies.. IT will happen!!!! I'll post pictures when I'm done!


Isn't my mommy beautiful??? I love her so much! She is so amazing and has gone through a lot in life. I'm so glad she has always been there for me and has been the greatest mom ever.
Well Brad is off at the library studying... he's been there all week. I'm a loser sitting here at home. Bradley keeps reminding me that next week we will part ways and I will leave him in his new apartment in phoenix. AHHH... what are we thinking??? Sorry if this summer presents depressing posts... however..there are a few things I'm looking forward to in the next little bit... The first of those is for the Ensign to come out from conference. I love reading the words of the prophet and apostles of our church and the changes that I need to make in order for my life to be going the way it should. I love this gospel so much and don't know who I would be without it. I love the wholesomeness of my life and my relationship and eternal marriage with brad. The church is true! I'm also looking forward to lots of sewing. I want to sew curtains for our room- i haven't done much decorating in there.. we just have our lovely bedroom set... but that's my goal this summer is to decorate it. I'm looking forward to how this distance that Brad and I will face will affect our relationship. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? I'm hoping so. We will celebrate our 3rd anniversary this summer. can you believe it??? I sure can't! The past three years have flown by, but they have been absolutely amazing! anyways... happy mothers day!


Chance's Baby Blessing

This past weekend I flew home for 2 days for the little chubster's blessing. My dad did a beautiful job with the blessing and chance just cuddled with him after. It was so sweet! It was soooo good to see all of our family and to finally meet the little guy!When I first arrived, my mom, nessa, and jenna picked me up and we went shopping! Then we went to cafe rio... mmmm... AND THEN... my mom suprised me by taking us to get pedicures!That night I went to dinner with Trista, Vannessa, and Jessica at wingers. Then we just hung out all night and eventually went and got ice cream at cold stone. Delicious!