5 years ago..

I cannot believe it has been five years since the man of my dreams asked me to marry him.  Where has the time gone?  What a fun and amazing night that was... April 5, 2008.  It was General Conference weekend and the men were all at the priesthood meeting.  Tiffany, Lacey and I planned to go shopping and then we were meeting a HUGE group at Applebees for dinner.  Tiff, Lacey and I went to Hobby Lobby - probably when my addiction started and we all decided to get a big letter of our last name -- Tiff got a B, Lacey got and H and I... well I didn't know what to get.  They talked me into getting a T for my "soon to be" last name.  I thought Brad is for sure going to think I am crazy.  He hasn't even proposed and I'm buying the letter of his last name to hang in a home that we don't even live in... Little did I know Tiff and Lacey were probably dying inside because they knew what was going to happen that night.

We met everyone at Applebees - Bradley, my sister, Hicks, Mills, Darren, Tiff and Ryan, Nate and Nikki, Lacey and Jason.  We ate dinner and everyone - especially Brad was very anxious to get out of there and go to my house and watch a movie.  Brad suggested that we watch the Notebook or a scary movie. One of Brad's friends, trying to make things difficult for him, tried to talk everyone into watching a scary movie... I was all for it. I love scary movies!

Well dinner was over and we all headed back to my parents house to watch this movie.  My first hint should have been that my parents, nor my siblings would leave the basement.  I remember I kept complaining that there were married people in the room and we were all grown ups... They wouldn't listen and we got the movie started - The Notebook.  We were all snuggled up when all of a sudden - and all at the same time - Brad's parents walk in, my sister whips out the video camera, and Brad and Hicks pop onto the screen!  The on-screen Brad tells me why he loves me and that the Brad in real life has something he wanted to ask me... and before I know it there are a dozen roses, a ring and Brad is on one knee proposing to me.

I had dreamed of this day since I was a little girl and it was completely perfect.  We were surrounded by family and friends who supported and loved us and we had each other.  We would soon be married for time and all eternity.  Nothing else in the world mattered. Or so we thought... oh the joys of planning a wedding :)

It's funny how while you are dating you can't wait to be engaged.  And when you are engaged you can't wait to be married. And when you're married for almost 5 years you look back and think about how amazing it was dating and getting to know your spouse and having to say good night at the end of the night and wishing so badly that you could spend the night with them.  How amazing the anticipation was of your futures together, the great things that would come, the struggles you would have to work through and all of the time you would get to spend together.  I think that sometimes life becomes so mundane - especially when you spend more time away from home than you do at home that these special things are forgotten.  There's probably no better feeling than being together.  I still LOVE cuddling with my Bradley, but I need to do better at remembering how special our relationship is.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  After 5 years of it being just us, I've really gotten to know and depend on that amazing man of mine.

I think the best feeling came the next day when I was snuggling up to Brad while we watched conference.  He was holding my hand and couldn't stop playing with the ring on my finger.  Neither of us could believe it was real and here we are 5 years later.