For some reason this was saved as a draft but here we go! this was almost a year ago!
Brad and I went to California for a little anniversary trip in August 2009. It was tons of fun!!! We were able to go to 4 Braves games and stayed in San Diego and LA. Getting away for a week was amazing! We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo, Sea World, Six Flags, Malibu Beach, The fashion district, and Hollywood. Here are pictures from each occasion!


Wow a lot has gone on since easter!!! Brad and I have been enjoying summer and how amazing it is to not have school!!!! We bought a BBQer and Brad loves it... he makes the best food better than any resturaunt around! It's nice to eat gourmet dinners a few nights a week! For the 4th of July we went up to Island park with Brad's parents and their friends the Brownings. It was a nice relaxing weekend full of midnight canoe rides, crossword puzzels, the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD, and cabin naps! I've been scrapbooking a ton I think I'm obsessed! We're getting ready to move soon into a bigger apartment that cost a lot less! I'm really excited to save money! We've probably gone to 20+ Bees games! Tonight we went because it was 70's concession prices night plus weiner wednesday!!! Brad and I always go to town! It's nice to have a few date nights a week! We are growing closer and closer daily it definitely takes a year of marriage to get used to each other and find out what your relationship really means.


Easter Fun!

Saturday night we decided to color easter eggs! It was a lot of fun and Brad got really into it... his eggs were definitely the best! This is what they ended up looking like....

They are so colorful and pretty! Our coloring kit came with a matching game too ha we played and Brad smoked me everytime... he got lucky a lot... DONT EVERY PLAY HIM IN MEMORY GAMES!!!! Nessa came and slept over which was fun i love having my siblings stay the night!

Sunday morning came and i made an easter egg hunt for Brad... It wasn't hard at all... there aren't really any good places to hide things in a little apartment... The only egg that stumped him was the one inside the lamp! ha.. I gave him a deep frier so that we can kill our arteries with fried goodness!!! And...he gave me a freaking cute swim suit!!! YAY for easter! Our pictures werent very good of me cause i was in the middle of doing my hair.. eh... next year i will have my hair done by the time Brad gets up!!!

At church we got to have a little easter party for our cute nursery children! We bought them all bunny ears and carrot bubble necklaces! It was soooooo freaking cute!!! They also got to find easter eggs in the toy room i think they loved it!


So a lot has happened since my last blog I'm a slacker... but mostly just busy with work and school eh!!!! We went to Vegas again in the middle of march for the MWC tourney... BYU lost... bummer... haha jk it really was sad cause Bradley was sad... We spent lots of time in the sun, LOTS AND LOTS of pina coladas-and suffered withdrawls afterwards, and did a ton of stuff! The guys wanted a night to themselves... :( jk Tiff and I went and saw Defending the Caveman which was really funny. We forget what its like to be single(or in our case, without our husbands) Lots of guys hit on us... maybe it was just vegas... OR MAYBE its cause we're still attractive... :) we like to believe it was the latter! The guys just gambled their life away and had all you can eat ribs... guess who won the contest??? MY HUBBY!!! two years in a row!!! We met up later and went on New York New York which was way fun! Next year we will be able to hit the clubs... too bad i'm still not old enough... I CAN'T WAIT!!! ha hmmm... what else has happened... We're almost done with this semester and are feeling the heat of school. Poor Bradley doesnt get much sleep, but i'm greatful for all that he does! We're planning on having a fun/serious summer... To celebrate one year... were going to some BRAVES games in Cali...and lots of other fun things including amusement parks, the beach, and of course shopping the first week of August! Then Brad will begin preparing for the LSAT!!! ah!!! This determines our whole lives!!! eek! We're still enjoying life... our favorite thing to do is to stay at home and watch movies... we've made a lot of purchases lately including: James Bond, Twilight, Bedtime Stories... and i want to buy seven pounds. If you haven't seen it you need to... it made me bawl.. :(


Just LIfe!

I feel like Brad and I are continuously growing closer. I love it! Time is flying right on by.. we've been married for 7 months already.. i can't believe it! We bought a couch and ottoman that we absolutely love! Last night was such an amazing night because we were able to laugh and enjoy each other's company and just hold each other! It was sooooooo precious! I love our relationship and who we've become with each other. I hate when Brad has to work late, but i guess we need the money... so oh well... it makes me miss him even more! Life is great and amazing!


Oh to be single again... at Classic Skating...

So tonight we went with Joe to the singles ward FHE at classic skating... and i have got to say i definitely do not miss being single and preyed upon by men like bradley... haha... but anyways.. it was soooooooo much fun! Brad made me stand on the girls side for snowball and wait for him to come to pick me... i felt so stupid!!! He really wanted me to snowball with this kid... Yes he is wearing green shorts... and a SHINY shirt... ah!!! I said that i wouldn't so Brad chose me for snowball.. I was like the only one to go off the ramp in the oval room.. the guys that were with me are wussies... jkjk... We had a grand old time and hope to return to the good old Classic soon... :)Just not for another singles ward activity... too many wierdos...

Fabulous Weekend!

Brad and I were able to spend so much time together this weekend and loved it! Friday night we watched that lakeview terrace movie.. i hated it cause it made me soooo angry! But it was nice to just chill at home. On Saturday both of us had the day off which is a first... but we enjoyed being lazy most of the day... I'm trying to find a certain decoration for our apartment so we went on an adventure on trying to find it... but Brad hated it.. he was being hiarious though cause he grabbed EVERY word saying board he could find and told me that we had to get all of them. He hates those word sayings. After that he played a very good game of churchball... lots and lots of fun... and intensity as always... But later that night we grilled up some hamburgers on the forman grill and went to the grizzlies game with joe... It was lots of fun! and we for sure need to do it more often! Sunday was awesome... our nursery class is freaking cute!!! I love them! We ate dinner at my parents house and ended up going to sleep at like 9... wow... definitely need to do that again... Anyways... it was a lovely weekend and i can't wait for next weekend to come!


Belated Valentines Day

So... valentines day didn't really work out for Brad and I on saturday... but he made up for it by suprising me last night with a candlelight dinner! When i walked through the door from work, he immediately started taking pictures it was so funny! But he had our table decorated so cute! We started off with a salad... which looked freaking awesome... it was a sliced cucumber wrapped around itself with lettuce inside... mmmm. nummy! Then we had the main course which was roast, asparagus, and potatoes. DELICIOUS!!! For dessert he made chocolate dipped strawberrys and had my favorite chocolate ice cream loaded with brownies! He is so sweet! I'm so grateful for all he does for me! I'm so glad for the time that we get to spend together and the one day out of the year when you are supposed to! ha jk i get way too wrapped up in valentines day... its bad!!!


Trevor Hall Concert!

Brad and I went to the Colbie Cailat concert last year around this time and fell in love with Trevor Hall's music. Seriously you need to check him out! He has this way cool accent cause he has toured with all these regae people. We love it! But anyways.. he just came in concert and we went and had a blast! We went with Ryan and Tiffany, Mills, and Darren. I think that they liked him as well.. It's been nice having time to do things like this! Normally we don't have time! We watched what happens in vegas last night. It is soooooooo freaking funny! I love it and i love being able to just chill at home its so nice!



We had a big super bowl party at our place! It was a lot of fun... with tons and tons of food, including the mills madness 7 layer bean dip... Brad and all his friends watched the game while me and the other girls played games! ha typical... we all got together to watch the 3d commercial! woo!!! I think everyone was mad that the cardinals didn't win... but oh well...Go football!

Diondra's Birthday!

For my birthday Brad suprised me by taking me to Vegas! We had SO much fun and did a ton of stuff! We were able to go to the bodies exibit which was so neat! We also went to a variety show which was absolutely hilarious... brad and i almost died cause we couldn't breath! hooters and in-and-out are always our favorite places! Hooters... needs an explanation... its because there are all you can eat ribs... and the game little green men... haha... On the way there all we could listen to was the new Taylor Swift cd that Brad loves! not really... he hates it... But we had a lot of fun and it was seriously the best birthday ever!