What we've been up to...
1. When I got home from Utah.. i know 2 weeks ago... brad said he had a present hiding for me. I think this was because I left him a secret halloween card and a candy corn treat!.. my present wasn't even half as good as his.. But Under our pillows I found a pair of R&R black skinny jeans and the new Taylor Swift Cd. Bradley always is the best shopper for me because I honestly probably would have never bought these jeans... but I LOVE THEM!!! and as for the T Swift cd... I literally havent stopped listening to it. It's bad I am addicted. I love #4, 8, and 9. they are the best. Period.
2. Lots of baking. My bradley loves his treats which is not good for my flabbery tummy. But This week I made cookies out of apple cider filled with caramel. they are delicious. and super easy... Brad has eaten the majority of them.
3. Work, Work, and more Work. I'm sick of working its time to be done... bradley graduate already!!!
4. I bought new pillows for our couch. They are cute and GREEN. yay.. now my family room and dining area match! I realized I havent posted pictures of my apt on here.. that is going on my list.
5. I have worked out a lot this week and feel great! Brad has been a great help to me.. i think he wants my flabbery tummy gone too...bah...
6. We are going to plan to go to philadelphia to visit my grandparents while they are there and we can't wait! maybe we will end up finding a new secret national treasure... hmmm....
7. I made a cute thanksgiving decoration... looky!

My little brother plays in the state championship tomorrow!!!! I wish so badly that I could be there to see him play! I'm sad that I have missed his senior year. :( G-double O-D L-U-C-K SEANERS!!!!
dear Mr. Rappazzo aka Jonah. Sorry for not making strawberry&chocolate cupcakes for you and Mr. Terry to enjoy during FIFA. I will make it up to the both of you. Don't you fret! And I might let you post on our blog... if you are lucky.
If I don't post before Thanksgiving... Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Enjoy your turkey and family!!!


We just visited Utah.. For Jeff and Tara's Wedding. It was the busiest weekend ever but we definitely had fun. We flew in Wednesday night and immediately went to hang out with the old gang... lips, Tiff, Joey, Kandace, Mills, and Tara. It was really good to see everyone! Thursday was the wedding. It was beautiful! The most serious c eremony I have been to yet, but I learned so much. SO glad we were able to make it! Congrats Jeff and Tara!!
Elevator Ride! The Boys... We went to breakfast at Kneaders the next morning with hicks, Lips, Tiff and embree! Then went to the mall and to lunch with Darren. AT CAFE RIO!!! yaya!! Then had Family Pictures!
This might be my favorite of bradley and I... ITS CUTE!!!!
After family pics... we went to a Terry family party. i loved seeing the family. it's these little things that you miss. like the sunday dinners and little get togethers... oh well. after the family party we went back to Doug and Sue's to see Brad's sister Lisa and her boyfriend Gary. it was really good to see them!
then we went out to dinner with joey, kandace, lips, and tiff. and then we went to a halloween party and laughed at the older people... like my parents and their friends... who were dressed up and dancing. it was a sight! This is my dad... he had a wig on earlier than this... and won the costume contest! yay daddy!
Bradley left me to go back to Tucson the next morning and I stayed for Sean's game and my friend Jaimee's farewell. Saturday morning I went to Jenna's volleyball game. she seemed to have a lot of fun! and they won each match! GOOD JOB JENN!!
Sean won his game... i'm sad they wouldn't pass him the ball though!!!
After that I warmed up and went out to dinner with Trista and her new boyfriend... Ryan... I love him... he is so good for Trista!!! and sounds like matthew mcconaughey!!! bah... she better not lose this one! He paid for our dinner.. so nice we went to cheesecake factory and had a WONDERFUL evening. They are GOING to come and visit us.. or else...
SUNDAY-Jaimee's farewell. Nessa and I went to our old ward.. everyone is so grown up! ah... But it still felt like home I just can't explain it. The farewell was great and so was seeing everyone. I miss everyone so much! I know Jaimee will be a great missionary and have the time of her life serving the Lord in Ecuador. GOOD LUCK JAMES!!!
It was time to go home to my hubby. My mom cried as usual. it's sad..makes me cry too.. I have more to say, but I feel like this is the LONGEST post ever so I better go... until later...