Oh normal civilazation...

Today was AMAZING!!!! I got to spend ALL day with Bradley! bah those are my favorites.... It started off early... I had to wake up at 7 which is VERY VERY hard for me... but i did it. and we drove the hour and a half to go to the temple. I love the temple. I love the peace and spirit that I feel there. I love thinking about my wedding day. I just love everything. After the temple we went to a spring training game between the rockies and diamondbacks. The stadium was brand new and the first ever built on Indian land. interesting. I love baseball games. the smells, the crowd (except the crazy lady that sat next to us), the food, the GRASS!!! haha but most of alll... it reminds me of the million games that we have gone to at good old franklin covey field(now spring ballpark) back in the SLC supporting our Bees. The game was fun... the rockies won.. booooo... we got some food and then dessert at a place called the sugarbowl. SO CUTE!!! seriously... everything was pink.... and there were hearts everywhere. It was so 1950's and hasn't been updated since. gotta love that diner charm... Then we hit up costco... nordstrom rack... and deseret book. I love deseret book. ha I love the convenience of normal civilazation. We will live in some suburb of phoenix one day. I'm crossing my fingers anyways! :) LIFE IS GREAT. I don't know what's changed, but i feel much better about life... I know that will probably change this summer, but for now i'm lovin it!


8. post a song to match your mood. hard.... um... I'd have to say that song would be one
from t-swifts relatively new cd.
I'm gonna post a few others later.... but for now this will do! T-swift- "never grow up" "You're in the car on the way to the movies and youre mortified your mom's dropping you off at 14 there's just so much you can't do and you can't wait to move out someday and call your own shots. But don't make her drop you off around the block Remember that she's getting older too And don't lose the way that you dance around in your p.j.s getting ready for school Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home Remember the footsteps, remember the words said and all your little brothers favorite songs. I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone
So here i am in my new apartment in a big city they just dropped me off it's so much colder than i thought it would be so i tuck myself in and turn my night light on.


6. Animal I would like to keep as a pet.
I want a puppy, bad!!!
unfortunately with brad's asthma i'm not allowed.
:( so sad
but if i could have one i would get a toy pomeranian.
they are tiny and so cute!
7. dream wedding
I'm going to skip this one simply because i dont have time! why???
because we have two guests tonight! It feels like we are home!
Vannessa Hendrickson has been with us since yesterday and jeff hicks just came tonight!
Interesting combo but we love having friends!


day 4.Favorite pics with best friends

I have lots of best friends. so i am posting lots of pictures. :) have fun viewing!
First off... MY FAMILY. I love them all to bits and wouldn't be who I am without them!
Bradley is my bestest friend...
My dearest friends.... Ashlee, Vannessa, Jessica, Jill and Trista!


3. Dream 1st date.

Well since I'm married... I think I will just share how mine and bradley's first date went! It was 2 days after we met on a Sunday. Not a normal date night.. but i went with it. I was laughing in my head alll night! I still remember the outfit that I wore... my new buckle jeans- tan long sleeve shirt and tan heals- I looked hot! haha Bradley picked me up from my house and met my mother. now usually i was very very afraid for boys to meet my mom... she likes to hit on them.. hhah love you mom! so i told her she was not allowed to feel brad's muscles or comment on how good he smelled. She behaved very well! I thought the first meeting went smoothly and we were off! Our first date was with a married couple. That freaked me out. I mean really what guy takes a girl on a first date with a married couple??? haha here's how the night went.
We met them at temple square and went to see the joseph smith movie. We held hands through the movie... it was presh! then we walked around temple square for a while... brad tried to let the sister missionaries overhear that i wasn't a member of the church even though of course i was... he just thought it would be funny!
It was such a nice night just walking around and talking. I remember laughing really hard and just having the best time! Afterwards we went to ryan and tiff's apartment and hung out there. It was the beginning of a great friendship with them that we will always treasure!
Thanks for a great first date bradley!!!



I am a pharmacy technician. I count pills and deal with crazy, angry, and sick people all day! haha it's a wonder why i am going nuts too! jk. In high school i wanted to do something that would help me to have a great paying job immediately. The only way to do so was to go to salt lake community college tech center for 1/2 of each day of my senior year. I decided on pharmacy. My job entails... taking your prescription... inputting the information the dr lovingly wrote to me to give to you.... then getting the medication and putting it in a bottle with a label on it. interesting right?? maybe.. but it's not what i wanted to do in the pharmacy industry. I wanted to research drugs. I wanted to discover a new drug that cured cancer. After i watched my grandma b. struggle basically all my teenage life i knew i wanted to help people and research something to stop more people from going through what my grandma went through. I guess I'm doing one part... helping people... but there's just something missing! so i go through the motions of everyday life in THE BOX aka the pharmacy that i work in. I think that my immune system has become much stronger...except for last spring/summer when i got strep twice... I have to say though i am suprised with all of the tamiflu rx's i filled last winter that I DIDN'T end up with the swine flu... my hands definitely suffered from all of the sanitizer that i used. but it was worth it! This job has supported brad and i so i dont regret doing it, but i need something more now! Things i wish people knew about pharmacy.... 1.WE ARENT MCDONALDS. if we do our job too quickly mistakes happen and people could seriously end up really injured. that's why when i tell you its going to be 30 minutes don't rush me. I know you're sick, in a hurry, or just plain impatient-but it is pretty dang important that i do my job right. 2.EVERY INSURANCE PLAN IS DIFFERENT. just because there are a select few major insurance corporations namely... medco, humana, caremark, blue cross... doesn't mean that everyone that holds, lets say a medco insurance card.. has the exact same copay. So i'm sorry that i can't magically tell you how much your prescription is going to cost just because you say... "but i have medco insurance"... THAT MEANS NOTHING TO ME!!! :) 3.WHEN YOU STARE AT ME AND STAND RIGHT OUTSIDE THE PHARMACY... it only makes me want to do my job 10 times slower because you are really bugging me! give me my space, time, and be nice and i will get you out the door very quickly! 4. EVERY PRESCRIPTION GOES THROUGH A PROCESS... this is so that no mistakes happen. the process... 1. i take your rx and scan the image into my computer. 2. i type the prescription-date, drug, quantity, days supply, directions, refills, dr info. 3. i double check everything-you try reading dr's handwriting someday... 4. the pharmacist checks my work. 5. i fill the rx. 6. the pharmacist checks that i filled it correctly and checks the typed portion again.... helpful to know??? maybe next time everyone will be more patient at the pharmacy counter! 5. I KNOW WHEN PEOPLE LIE. i have become very good at being a lie detector. the fbi should hire me! 6. WE CLOSE FOR LUNCH. get over it. the pharmacist at my store works a 12 hour shift and only gets 30 minutes for lunch. I don't see you getting angry at the doctor for taking an hour lunch during a 7-8 hour work day. its 30 minutes people during the same time everyday so it shouldn't be a suprise to you! 7.DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW THE PRICES OF MEDICINE. I hate hate hate when people come in and tell me that the doctor told them their rx would be 4 dollars. I want to tell them to go back to their dr. and say that i said their appointment would only be 15 dollars. I'm really not an angry person! I promise! Hope you've enjoyed my post about my job... :) On a lighter note.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Today bradley and i celebrated our 4th v-day. we stayed home made a nice dinner and watched a movie. He gave me roses and chocolate covered strawberries along with katy perrys cd and a love cd by glee. Such a sweety poo. haha I wrote him a letter in one of those giant cards-filled valentines with love.. and got him an additional x box controller. ( he and his friends insist he needs 4 of them) I love my bradley! He is so sweet to me and has had to put up with a lot since moving here. He is so understanding and knows just how to make me smile! I am so grateful to have him in my life! I love his cute smile, amazing blue eyes, and his outgoing personality. We have grown so much closer together over the past 6 months and i wouldn't trade anything for the time i get to spend with him! LOVE YOU BRADLEY!



1. post a picture of self and how my day was.
I love and hate sundays- love going to church and hanging out with bradley all day... but it also includes doing laundry. it's a touchy subject. ha besides doing laundry it was a great day! took a little nap, watched the grammy's.. and in the spirit of valentines day read through old love notes! cute! Church was great.. got me thinking that I really want to serve people more especially the refugees that came from africa. I get so frustrated when i can't communicate with them.... at church i learned about an english teaching class that i may be able to help with. hope it works out!

Blog Challenge...

I know I'm a few days late in beginning this challenge... but better late than never! here's a list of each day in case any of you out there would like to join in on the fun! 1. Post a photo of yourself and how your day was. 2. Tell us about your job. 3. What is your dream 1st date. 4. Post your favorite photo(s) with your best friend(s). 5. Post a photo of yourself 2 years ago. 6. Which animal would you like to keep as a pet? 7. What is your dream wedding? 8. Post a song to match your mood. 9. Photo of the last item you purchased. 10. Favorite place to eat. 11. What's in your make up bag? 12. Photo of the town you live in. 13. Favorite musician and why? 14. What TV show are you addicted to and why? 15. Post something you don't leave home without. 16. Who is your celebrity crush? 17. Post a photo of you and your family 18. what is something you crave a lot? 19. Post a picture of yourself. 20. Meaning behind blog/name 21. Photo of something that makes you happy 22. A letter to someone who hurt you recently 23. 15 facts about you 24. Photo of something that means a lot to you 25.What's inside your purse? 26. Photo of somewhere you've been 27. Picture of you last year and now. how have you changed? 28. Favorite movie 29. Pet Peeve 30. Something you never get tired of. 31. photo and three good things that have happened to you. HAPPY BLOGGING!


So the other day Brad and I were talking, yet again about how badly I want to be a mommy and how it seems like everyone I know is pregnant... or had a baby recently. I always get a little down.. as you have probably read.. so on this particular instance of the topic coming up Bradley being the most perfect man he is said what I needed to hear and I stopped my complaining. So I will continue to be patient until the time is right for our children join our family.  
I don't think I could have married a more perfect man for me. Bradley always knows the right things to say. So thanks Bradley!
What else has been going on???
Well it's been freezing! haha sorry for all those stuck in those glorious winter days in Utah... I do NOT miss it! We left our heater off for as long as we could stand... but when it got to be 40 degrees outside and about 55 inside I couldn't take it any longer. I'm now officially a Tucson wuss. But don't worry it was only on for a couple of days. It's now the perfect temp. outside. I couldn't ask for better weather in February.
We went to our first pro golf tournament in Phoenix with a couple of brad's law school "peers", Ed, Jonah and gf Tasha. It was fun and Brad got a kick out of seeing Phil Mickelson live. I don't think it will be our last... Tiger Woods is coming to a town just outside of Tucson in a month or so and
Bradley is already making plans.
I've been a cleaning freak. Every cupoard, closet and whatever else there is in this apartment is organized. I feel amazing! haha I just want to be able to open every door and think... AHHH this is soooo clean!!!
Brad is interviewing for jobs this summer so pray for him... and us... that he will 1. get a job and 2. a paying one. it would be super nice... He interviewed for a spot working with Senator John Kyle
(az rep) for next spring... which would take us to D.C. for a semester. IT WOULD BE SOOO FUN!! so we'll see what happens... the interviewer told him that they loved hiring mormons.. cross your fingers for us!
For all of January I worked 60 hour weeks.
Needless to say 40 hours seems like nothing now... so I picked up a couple extra shifts this week at another store. The overtime is killer... not to mention the paycheck. I LOVE money! haha... or the idea of having money... we don't really get to keep anything. wishful thinking.
TOMORROW... I am going to start a month blog challenge. I'm super excited. Should be fun!