CrUiSiN 2014: Life Aboard the Carnival Magic

We enjoyed every minute on board.  There was always something to do and fun to be had.  We did the ropes course that was about 15 feet above the ship, played mini-golf and pool, laid out and relaxed, I read Divergent and all but 100 pages of Insurgent, we played Trivia and got to know Zoe a super cute girl from the motherland of Britain.  We danced, laughed, got a little sunkissed and maybe ate a little too much pizza, ice cream, and chocolate lava cake.  We tried the exotic food item on the menu each night - well by we I mean I tried escargo, but wouldn't try shark and whatever else there was.  BLEH!!!

The first pics are from the 2 formal nights. It's so fun getting dressed up.  I'm gonna give it a go for a little fashion blogging here!

 Dress: DownEast
Necklace: Francesca's Boutique
Gold Pave Bracelet: DownEast 
Nude Heels: Target 

Dress: Target 
Necklace: Francesca's Boutique
Black Heels: Target

Don't know what I would've done, had I not ever met Meghan.  She is my best friend and someone I can talk to about everything.  So glad her and John decided to vacation with us! 

IMMODEST ALERT!!! So... We took a ballroom dance class while aboard and I was selected to dance the Tango in the ship's final show on the last night.  This meant I had to go to practices, get fitted for a costume and show a lot more skin than I am used to!! I had sooo much fun though.  It made me miss dance and made me think that I really wanna go dance on a cruise ship!

Fellow "Dancing with the Cast" mate, Ray.

Us with our AMAZING cruise director Noonan. 

Me and my dance partner Liam.  He was really good and trying out for a show in Vegas.  
Hopefully he got it!

We enjoyed catching a movie at night and chilaxin by the pool. 

On the day we were supposed to head home, the ship got stuck in some fog.  Brad and I decided to wait it out in the gym so we could see out the front of the ship.  The fog horn went off like every 5 minutes and got super annoying.  At least no one hit us though!

CrUiSiN 2014: Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was all about the white sandy beach, snorkeling and opening up a bank account... jk about the bank account, although Brad considered it the ENTIRE trip. Ha.  There wasn't much coral, but we did see a few colorful fish and a giant school of fish.  It kind of freaks me out when I'm in the water and helpless heaven forbid they were to touch me. Nevertheless, I have a fish for a husband who loves snorkeling.  So I can either be bored on the beach or making memories with him.  Have I told you how we went snorkeling like 3 times a day EVERY day on our honeymoon in Hawaii??? There's really only so much snorkeling a girl with long hair can do... I think it might be time to get scuba certified.

CrUiSiN 2014: Cozumel

In Cozumel we rented a jeep and drove around the island.  We stopped for coconuts and some original oceanside mexican food and bottled coke.  It was delicious! We decided to go to the Mayan ruins that are on Cozumel.  They were pretty neat, I've never been to any so it was really cool to see them and explore a little bit!

CrUiSiN 2014 - Jamaica

We went to Blue Hole which was a secluded lush, fresh water paradise.  We had a little Jamaican tour guide who wasn't afraid of anything.  We were cliff jumping, going under the waterfall, walking down the waterfall and then jumping off, rope swinging and just enjoying the nature of Jamaica.  

Our taxi man took us to his make out spot (very last picture).  He also taught us about the "Rum Face" and that he isn't afraid to shout that out at the Rum Faces.  We got fresh coconuts and Jamaican jerk chicken that was to die for.  Definitely our favorite day of the cruise!

Ashlee's Little Man Shower

 Ashlee's "Little Man" Baby Shower

I had soooo much fun going all out with this little man theme that has been ever so popular.  The pictures just don't do it justice! 

Food: Caesar Chicken sandwiches on Pretzel Rolls
Artichoke Dip with Green Chilis
Bowtie Pasta Salad

Drinks: Orange Crush
Water in Mason Jars (can't get enough of those either!)

Dessert: Cake Pops 
Chocolate Cupcakes
Pina Colada Cupcakes
(Thanks Jill!!)


Mustache, Bowtie and Tie Streamers
I bought a mini mustache and tie cookie cutters from Hobby Lobby and used them as my stencil.  They worked so well!
Tie Banner
Baby Clothes Clothesline in appropriate shower colors! (I guess I'm a little OCD)
Pendant Banner made from a super cute Little Man scrapbook pack from Hobby Lobby
Mustache Burlap Runners for Food Layout and Table

Guess Who?
(Thanks Jessica)
Jess found out silly things that Ashlee and Chris did as kids and we had to guess who it was.  
Everyone got a good laugh. 
Don't Say Cute! 
I collected my husband's and my dad's ties and gave one to each guest.  If they said cute, someone else could steal their tie vice versa.  I love this game at showers. 

FAVORS: Chocolate Mustaches on a Stick
(Thanks Heidi)
They were delicious and so fitting!

The Mommy to Be