Bradley and I met in 2007 at a UVSC dance. We were both just out having fun not looking for anything serious. Little did we know that meeting that night would soon change our lives.  We were together everyday-we couldn't get enough. Bradley was attending BYU and I was attending SLCC. Somehow we made it work! We were married July 31, 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple.  We have since lived in 3 different places and have had many fun and new experiences together. We love going to movies every Tuesday night, traveling, surprising each other, trying new restaurants, and simply spending time together.

Bradley loves watching ESPN or any sports that are on, golfing, attending sporting events, eating treats that I make him, and reading in his free time. He graduated from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers college of law and is now working at the Bankruptcy Court in Tuscon.

Diondra love making cupcakes, creating things - crafts, jewelry, interior decorating and music. Shopping is a biggie and trying out new recipes is something I enjoy as well! I work as a paralegal for a research and development company.

Hope you enjoy reading our blog!